True story

Two years ago, my 38 year old buddy, Danno, took his 14 year old son, Wes, out to an old strip-mine area that constitutes THE major public riding area in this state (@ 40 acres?). At the far end from the parking area is a small MX type track. It is perhaps a mile or so of trail to the track part.

It was a sunny midweek afternoon and they had the place to themselves. As the sun was setting, the boys were "racing" on the track. Dan launched his KX250 off a medium sized jump straight into the sun...and recalls nothing beyond that to this day.

Not a scratch on the bike, but Wes arrives to find Dad unconscious with a broken shoulder/collarbone, seven shattered ribs, 3 of which punctured his left lung narrowly missing his heart. Drowning in his own blood.

Wes doesn't know all of this; just that his dad is hurt bad and they are all alone in the middle of nowhere. No ambulance can reach the area. Nearest air-care is 100 miles away.

This skinny, buck-twenty-five kid somehow manages to sling the dead weight (175 lbs) of his out-cold father across his 80cc bike and rides like hell for the parking area where, thank God, there is a cell phone in the pickup to call Grandpa. I have no idea how he managed this feat, nor does he. He then loads Danno into the pickup and drives him 20 miles to the hospital where it is a near-death thing.

A month later, I became the dubiously proud owner of a mint-condition KX250 when I traded Dan my old rusty-trusty Chevy pickup. We have often debated what difference a chest protector might have made.

The only particular points here are: despite tattoos, purple hair, and strange piercings; I have great faith in our next generation. As my sons get older, I hope it lasts...

Mostly though, If you got it, WEAR it! If you don't got it, GET it! It's always out of a clear-blue sky... :)

Amen Brother....Well Said

Bonzai :)

A chestprotector saved my life many times. The most recent was when i was thrown down a rocky trail at about 50mph. Instead of hurting something in my chest or back i hit my knee on a big rock. Couldn't walk for about 15 minutes. Buy some knee pads. Got mine the next day for 13 bucks.

Excellent editorial.

May I add something to it?

And if your a ATV rider.... buy a helmet.

Well said.

This last weekend I attended a trails event out here in WA state. After watching for awhile we decided it was time to trials ride the "WR"....

About 10 feet down a rock face of about 45-50 degrees. I lost my forward momentum, my front wheel jammed between to "boulders" and my front axle become a pivot point. Down I went, HARD. I busted up my brand new Arai, but my chest protector saved my collar bone and shoulder.

As for my "trials bike", she didnt fair so well. I diagnosed her with a bent subframe, broken air box, munched silencer, bugered up throttle tube and grip, crunched head light stay, and a bruised ego. It took me about an hour to get my baby back into shape. I think she forgave me and needless to say my trial riding days are over.

Thank goodness for my chest protector and a good quality helmet.

Mr Toyz

the other day at pine valley i was out for only the second time since getting my cast off my wrist( broke that in january ridding) cam around a corner on the way out side and pinned it in 2nd. was about to grab 3rd whe ni hit an odd group of rocks in the shade. the front tire ripped to the left and down i went knee first into the only other rock on the trial. my knee pad ripped in half and pants ripped apart. the bike hit another rock and ripped off the brake peddle at the bolt( nevr seen that before) and bent the front brake to hell. wile trying to fix it it broke off. lets just say the rocky down hills to get back where much more interesting with 1 finger and no leverage breaking.

Since we are all the subject of " no @#$%, there I was knee deep in grenade pins" type of stories....

Me and a good friend were dicing it out at the local sand track, side by side in the whoops, we hit hard, I went down. I flipped over the handle bars and hit my back so hard, the bruise on my back was the identical pattern of the air vents of my chest protector. It gives me shivers thinking of what might have happened if not for the chest protector!!

Take Care, John

What should we look for in a chest protector? They look sorted more by style and price than function, at least to my untrained eye.


Take heart in this story.


Hey kid, if you're reading this, I just want to say that you're the kind of hero we all can admire. Peace, Lincoln

Thats the kind of courage and thinking under pressure that dad and son should be very proud of. mike

mine saved me a month ago . i hit a kicker bump doing 80 plus went over the bars hit the dirt face first and the bike riding along on my back . my chest pads look like someone draged them down the freeway for 20 miles. i'm still heeling (got a screwed up shoulder) and when i went to the doctor (2 days later) he said by alrights i should be hurt alot worse. the main thing i can say is WHERE your riding gear it saved me . and don't buy a cheap helmet your life depends on it

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