300 lbs 6 footer+, WR or XR 650

I ride desert mostly, San Felipe, AZ, CA desert. Should a guy my size go for a WR or XR650. I am a descent rider, I love to go fast and Lead the pack. Any experieced advice is greatly apprieciated. Thanks

A place to get good info may be XR650 group at yahoogroups.com

I think the XR-650 would fit your needs better. The 650 has mega power when unleashed by proper jetting and removal of some stock junk in the carb,air box and exhaust. At your weight a set of stiffer springs would also be in order to eliminate bottoming and setting proper rider sag. I have a couple of friends who own these bikes and they all can attest to the performance of the bike. Correct suspension set up (rider and free sag) is critical to obtain good turn in for cornering. The WR-426 may also lack some of the bottom end you would need for ridding desert. However the WR will be a 450 for 03 and may be the sleeper off road bike of the year. 650 info Look "under uncorking it"

Biggie- I can't speak for the WRs...and believe me, I am anxious to see the new 450 when it comes out! But I can sing praises for the XR650R. I am 6'5" and about 280#. I just got back from Moab, and I'm very pleased with the bike's performance. It was very aggresive riding on some pretty harsh trails.

It is my understanding that the XR comes from the factory set up for a 160# rider. So, what I did (and you will have too as well) is get new springs for the front and rear. I went with Race Tech (call them...tell them your weight and height, and they'll steer you right). If you don't, you're riding a completely different bike than was designed. When you do set it up properly, it will rock! Also, raise the handlebars (I went with a Pro Taper clamp and CR hi bend handlebars). Somebody is always selling the clamps on e-bay...and they usually go for about $80-90. Uncork it, put some wide footpegs on it, and you won't regret getting the XR! You will be convinced...I am! Good luck. I'd be happy to share any other info if you need more answers.


every thing thor62 said is on the money! I am 6'7 and 300lb The most importent thing after taking all the smog crap off and pipe and all thos mods is the suspension. the bike does not steer right with us big guys, pro circuit set mine up and it is importent to tell them your real weight and how fast you really ride! and it really will become a whole new bike!!

For what it is worth, I got my YZ426 from a guy who owned a xr650 first. He sold the XR, bought the YZ426 and three months later he quit riding and sold me the bike with less then 10 hrs on it.

He is in and about 300lbs and 6'2" also. The bike scared him to death, it simple was not the bike for him. Many factors experience, style of ride and mainly size.

He is not that experienced but can handle a bike ok, his size and style of ride just was not cut out for the 426.

As you said, you are experienced and a big guy, I am sure the WR450 would be a great bike for ya, the XR is allot heavier over 300lbs wet

the WR is in and about 250 + - (I will probably catch Heck for that from the WR guys)

Personally I would go with the WR, I think the XR after you get the weight trimmed would be good, but they are two distinctly different bikes....

But equally impressive.

Bottom Line

What color you like best :)

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