06 WR450F Glowing Exhaust

Just bought a WR450F from my buddy that had ridden it maybe an hour or two. Noticed when i was riding it last night the exhaust was cherry red so it seems to be running very lean. Also the low end bog is really noticable on this bike. Any suggestions on the exhaust and low end bogging issue?

Did you check the exhaust for mouse nests? Happened to a friend of mine on his sled 1 year.

I went up to a 48 pilot and backed the fuel screw out a half a turn to 1.5 and it went away for good. I've got a 05. I've played with the fuel screw and it runs best between 1.5 and 1 3/4 turns out. I don't adjust it anymore and I've never changed the pilot jet since.

Thanks for the tip. I will try changing the pilot and fuel screw.

Has the exhaust system been uncorked and has the throttle stop been cut down. If so, I would recommend going richer on the needle and the main jet as well. If you noticed it glowing while you were riding then you we most likely on the part of the circuit where a needle change would make the biggest change. It's pretty common to see those things glowing after about one minute of idling but, if jetted properly, it should go away after you start moving.

Make sure that you ready the sticky at the top of the WR450 forum. 99.99% of your questions will be answered there. Thanks Clark!

(coming from a WR newbie)


Seems your question has been answered.

Enjoy the bike. Amazing grin factor. Once you uncork this baby you will be amazed at the power it can provide.

There are 3 possibilities. 1. Lean 2. Lean or 3. Lean - I'm not sure which one, but I think you're Lean.:prof:

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