Bunk Motul ?

Changed my oil today and as I crack open the plastic bottle of Motul semi-synthetic and start to pour it in I notice that its super light in color kind of like champagne colored. I knew I had some leftover Motul so I got it out and it was a normal amber color. Has anyone ever had this happen ? I drained it and replaced it with the only thing I had, regular Yamalube (not even R). I'll do one ride on that and drain it too. Opinions ?

that is really wierd, take it back to were you bought it.. i run the same stuff and have never had that happen.... really wierd....

Yeah, its weird. I live so far from where I bought it that I'll probably just eat the cost but I don't think I'll buy Motul again. I hope if it was contaminated that whatever is left in the engine won't hurt anything.

You say that the color was lighter than what you normally encountered. But was the oil "shiny and clear" or "dull and cloudy"?

Check it by putting some in a clear glass container and shining a white light through it from the back. If the light source shows bright and clearly, that would be considered "shiny and clear". If the light is diffused and looks slightly opaque, that would be considered "dull and cloudy".

If it was shiny and clear, it could be that Motul changed the formula slighty, possibly leaving out or changing an additive. Since it was a synthetic, the additives and formula can change without necessarily affecting the lubricating properties. I wouldn't worry too much about using it if it was "shiny and clear".

It is also possible that the oil was mislabled although I don't think the probability of that happening is very high.

If it was "dull and cloudy", then there is a chance that the oil was contaminated with something. In any event, I wouldn't use it in anything. Not even my lawn mower.

It was definitly clear and shiny. It was impossible for me to tell if the consistency was the same as some of the older oil I had on my shelf so I just ditched it. I'd rather eat $8 than trash a motor !

Did the oil happen to be Motul 5100 10/40? I sell Motul oil and one of my shops returned 3 bottles to me yesterday for the same reason that you mentioned. I poured it in a cup and the first few ounces were very clear but then it started to turn the normal golden color. I will contact Motul on Monday to see if the formula has been changed.

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