POST XR-650R graphics links here:

In an effort to find XRR specific graphics kits I've been nearly everywhere on the net, including searches through TT and various other sites. Thus, I decided we do a post where we simply post URLs and if need be accompanying experience with said graphics. PLEASE DO NOT POST unrelated information. Let's make this a concise an easily accesible links post.

Here are a few I've already found that are specifically for XRR. (quoted me $70 for custom graphics-tank/shroud only)

Here are some that might need a template or can custom make

Does anyone know were I can buy this one...:thumbsup:



Does anyone know were I can buy this one...:thumbsup:

The emblem looks to be N-Style graphics I took a quick look at their website for it but didn't see it. Maybe you could send a pic to them and ask if they still make it.

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