Using Red clutch disks...

I'm getting ready to purchase a Rekluse clutch for my '04 WR450. I've had it suggested to me that I should put new clutch disks in when I'm doing the install, and that I might want to look into using Honda clutch disks. Does anyone have experience with doing this on an 04 WR450? If so, do I just replace the friction disks? Or do I replace all of both the steel and friction disks? The bike has app. 1,400 mikes on it and has never given me a hint of having any clutch issues of any kind.

I just put one in on my 06 450. Suggest you use the springs for highest engagement speed (only a couple of hundred revs higher than the default). I used my existing clutch plates which have about 90hrs on them and all seems ok.

Watch for the clutch touching the clutch cover. I installed the fat rekluse gasket and the stock one but don't know yet if it fixed the problem.

The clutch is a great asset for slow tight stuff



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