going from WR426 to 2007-08 WR450

Hi guys,

I currently ride a 426, I love the power and the bike.

Can anyone, who moved from a 426 to 450 comment on differences, advantage or draw backs, is it worth it?

There are some obviouschanges which I can see, such as electric start and aluminum frame; honestly I don't care for either.

I do like the new ergonomics seat and fuel tank position.

Any other improvements or any other reason why someone should updates to the newer bike?


If you don't care about the aluminum frame and e-start, consider getting an IMS tank and YZ seat for your 426. That'll make it feel like a different bike, albeit not a 08 WR450...

(me = owner of said 426)

I did this move last year and while I love the new bike there are some things I really miss about my old 426. New bike Pros: better turning by far, power in the middle seems better but my old 426 with YZ timing was no slacker, ergos are better, suspension after valving is better than the valved 426 suspenders. Cons: PITA to do anything on the carb or rear shock, aluminum frame transfers alot of heat up to the seat tank transition area, low gear off idle power with the 13/50 gearing isn't as strong as the 426 with 14/50 gearing IMHO (I feel I solved it with 1 more tooth on the rear). I think if you love your old 426 then I would do the YZ seat tank additions and maybe a Recluse front axle to improve the turning of the old beast. My thoughts not anyone elses -- WR Dave :prof:

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