52 tooth back sprocket

I got a used one off ebay and put it on today. The point was to bring 2nd gear down and basically have a higher first gear or 1st gear and a half. It has rained probably 3 inches since 2 this morning and the fields are full. I have a trail thats about 1/4 mile long behind the house and I took off. WOW. I'm affraid it might be a little too low but I'll find out if I ever make it back to another MidSouth race. I was very unprepared the first time.

Good point - It worked

Bad point - I now have a Tsubaki QR chain because the stock one is too short and that all my friend had. Omega-S would have been nice but its over $100.

This might be old news but I've read a thread or two on here asking about gearing and think this is the fix for fighting 1st and 2nd in tight woods.

Mine is an 05.

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