Oil in frame

The wr400f has the oil in its frame, but is it like the ktm lc4 that you should fill part in the tank, and part in the engine, or does the WR400F want's all the oil poured into the frame.

( i have read the manual but i can't find any other spot to fill oil into than the frame tank )

And during the cold winter here in sweden im gonna store it in my basement, if i empty the oil from the engine, and fill new oil to the frame, can i let it be that way for the next 2 1/2 months, or do i need to start it to lube the crankcase and the cylinder before it is stored?


It all goes in the frame.

You fill in the frame only. Don't forget to tap the drain plug :) Also when you drain the frame be careful as the oil gets out of the frame with great force and you must hold the canister up next to the hole or you will make your garage a mess...

Hehe i noticed it came out with a great force :) but i had a large oil pan so it wasn't a problem.

And for the garage storage, would you recommend that i started it up, to make it spurt around some oil ( from the tank to the crankcase ) before i store it during the winter? or is it enough to open the valves, hold the kill switch in and kick a couple of rounds on the kick?

And remember if i can help you with anything ( wich i probably can't, just ask ) :D



:D:) I change my oil in my computer hardware shop. Try to imagine 0.3L of oil on the floot in the middle of computer shop ... i had to take pictures :D

For the winter storage I think you better start it, so that oil gets in most places possible.

Just kick it over a dosen times with the decomp before you use it again.

wish i'd know that last week. filled my shoe up with oil didn't i! not happy.



First time I changed my oil it was in my buddys drive way.

What a mess.

Laugh oil tragedies :)

Blue beast i kicked it over 6 times before i started it to let the pump do the job,

but i had the end of the exaust out my basement door, but the exhaust fumes smelled funny, like something was burnt :D (fuel ofcourse) but something else to, but i guess it's cause it's brand new , and i smelled it better bacuse this time the bike didnt move , just idled for about a minute or two :D but oh well, its prepared for winter storage, and ill take my time and start it over atleast every 2:nd week, to see to it that it is circulating inside, so its not just standstill for 2 1/2 months.

Sabin, hehe the oil is monkey buisiness :D hehe the first time i did it on my 2smoke i wasn't ready for it, it came with pressure i guess it was vaccume or something, but anyways all over the driveway, but hay that made the powerwash come in handy for another reason :D


If you are sure it is going to sit there for a while, pull the plug and squirt some wd40 in there, you won't need to start it at all

Hey dw, it's probably better for the engine if when you start it, you warm it up thoroughly, but if you are only starting it to move oil around, I would suggest that you start it after the oil change and then just leave it till next ride. When you store the bike or even when parked between rides it's best to position the piston at TDC to relieve the tension on the valve springs. I believe that not doing this last step has led to some sticking valves for others. My .02 for what it's worth.

Blue beast, ill squirt some wd40 or some 10w-40 in there?

What Does TDC mean? :D never heard of it, this is my first thumper, alot of stuff to learn for me :)

Hey newbie tdc means top dead center. :)

Well top dead center, just after the compression stroke? ie if i open the vents at compression, then kick 20 degrees, thats the tdc?

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