XR600 and a XR650 Engines. 2 make 1 goodun out of?

'm getting to old and unfit to kick start my 87 xr600 after i've thrown it into a ditch! So i was thinking, i've been offered a complete electric start xr650 engine which has been run low on oil and is in need of big ends and a complete top end (camshaft, rockers etc) would i be able to make a goodun out of the two.... Well three really as i've got another xr600 engine also.

I would think it is possible, as they are basically the same, excluding bore and stroke. I'm not sure how the electric starter is set up. You may be able to steal the left side cover and flywheel for the e-start, rather than the 600 head to the 650. If the e-start side will go onto the 600 bottom end, you may have the best of both worlds, e-start with back-up kick. The best thing to do would be to go on-line and start comparing part numbers of the pieces you want to integrate. See what matches and what does not. If the side cover gasket for both sides are the same, they should bolt up.


No, but you can probably strip ann the elec start stuff off the L and put it on the R, bore stroke crank cylender all is different as are the gear ratios.

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