What The Flock Is Worg ???

Still trying to get my L to run perfect mix.

white bros ex.

stock carb.

160 main 55 pilot

3 rd groove on dynojet needle

slide drilled 5/32

smog off

snokel off, and drilled side panel.

here's the deal

with the 50 pilot accelaration is not smoth and with the 55 accelaration is smoth but the idle is still rough even with 1 turn out, even if i turn it all the way close, it idle better ??? ok need smaler pilot but then runs no good ??????

i'm at 1800 feet, i read people setting there bike same way with 2.5 turn out...do not know where to throw my head in, what i'm doing worg.


If you're using jets from Dynojet, I'm going to guess that the 160 main and vented airbox and aftermarket pipe is causing a lean condition for one thing..

Try the simplest things 1st .......

make sure you have nice flow from petcock and the fuel cap is venting OK

tape up the snorkel and side panel opening and see if it runs better that way and if so then of course it's running too lean

Also ......You sure you don't have a air leak anywhere in front of carb ?

Do a plug reading and it will tell you where you are at on mixture.

no air leak, double and triple check that. now will try to put back the 165 main, it was there before...but the main is for middle to full gaz right? don't know it seems to run rich... otherwise i would have to turn that fuel screw out to make it idle smouth no? did check the fuel tank vent and all, the fuel getting there fine. is it normal that on the choke, cold, it will do black smoke a little when you rev it up? thanks for your help!

Definitely check the plug as was suggested. Try to post a picture of it too. Also, try taking the seat off and partially covering the air intake on the top of the airbox and the sidecover and see if restricting the air makes it better or worse.:prof: Also, maybe someone can chime in about the proper notch on the needle.

If you're using jets from Dynojet, I'm going to guess that the 160 main and vented airbox and aftermarket pipe is causing a lean condition for one thing..

As Bibleman suggested, it sounds like the wrong main jet. The DJ kit has a 160 and a 165. The 160 is for a stock setup and the 165 is for the aftermarket exhaust. I am running the same kit with the stock pipe, airbox desnorkled but not vented, with a 50 idle jet and a Unifilter, 1.5 turns out in the mix. With the 55 idle jet it is too rich at 900 ASL. Between the vented airbox and the aftermarket pipe, you're lean. Try the 165 main jet.


10/4 on the spark plug, was my next step, gess it should of been one of the first... will put the 165 back in and go back to the 50 pilot. with all you guy's help i'll get it right...:prof:

If I'm remember right DJ recommends the clip on the 4th notch in effect raising the needle. If you're still on the 3rd notch then it'll be running lean through the circuit.

u cud also try the shimming the stock needle...i'm at sealevel but the shimmed stocker works better for me than the DJ needle...i believe the DJ needle taper (in part) is their attempt to not require a new pilot jet.

i totally removed the DJ kit(PO installed), bought Keihin jets and went with a shimmed stock needle, drilled slide, 55 pilot, 160 main with desnorkled airbox, Uni Filter, and SuperTrapp race exhaust and all is well.


LOL, i know i've never been really good at shcool so i quit kind of fast...

but he i know a new word now... looked at my spark plus and it was back a little, so the 55 pilot was making it rich i gess. change the pilot to 50 and put the 165main back in. it seems to run better at idle, will beat it a while like this and see.

The stock carb is very sensitive to airflow turbulence.

Try it with the side cover off (if better, you're rich) and with the extra holes taped over (if better, you're lean or the holes are affecting the flow and driving the carb nuts).


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