Woo-wees Me

Here's the story. I mounted a brand new IRC VE33 and a Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tube Saturday Night. Get the bike to the trails on Sunday and it wont start. Yank the plug and it's toast. Install a new plug and re-jet the Pilot. Everything is ok now. My riding buddy and his kid show up and the kid can't start his 2smoker. Of coarse I'm laughing at the Little Red Honda. We finally get his bike running and off we go. We're not on the trail 2 minutes and the father dumps. I wait for him to collect his thoughts and take off again. The IRC is really kicking. The tire has good traction everywhere. We fly up this rocky hill and BOOOOOM, Pinch flat on the new tire. The same DAM place Moderator Bill lost his front tire a few weeks before. ( It's his fault ) :D

I limped back to the van and ripped the tube out. It's not a pinch flat. Something sharp cut the tire and tube. It left a 1" cut in the sidewall near the upper edge of the side knobs. I installed the spare stock tube and loaded the dam bike in the van before something else happens. :)

I guess what I want know after all this rambling is, can the tire be saved? Do you guys think a patch inside will work. Will the tire still be dependable? Like I said, it has a 1" clean cut. :D What type of patch should I use and who makes them?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I only know that on a brand new tire I'd try to patch it. If it holds for a little while, all good. If it holds for a long while, even better. If it doesn't work, what's another $2 on top of the cost of the tire? :) Good luck with it.

Ouch! If you try to run with it you have to create a "boot" for it - a piece of semi-flexible plastic or maybe even a piece of the toasted heavy duty tube to fit between the hole and the tube to keep the tube from trying to squeeze out at pressure and over bumps.

At the speeds you travel I would only consider doing this for a rear tire as a blowout with the front tire is dangerous even in the dirt.

Good luck!

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