What is diff btwn '01 and '02 WRs

I have a friend who is switching over from a XR600 and getting a WR426. He can get a $500-600 deal on a '01 but he wants to know what the differences are between the '01 and '02. Thanks, Doug

I have an 01 wr426 my brother has an 02 wr426 the only differances we have found are:

:- 02 front hub is larger

:- 02 swing arm tapers smaller to the rear axle

:- there were some differances in jetting

hope this helps, still even in a straight line drag.

and the stickers

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In my experience, the only difference I've found is that the plastic on the '01 is scratched and marred...while an '02 is shiny, nice and new... :)

They also tweaked a few things between the 01 and 02 models... The CDi (ignition) has a different map in it, the forks and shock have slightly different valving, little things like that... not obvious, but they may make a difference...


a year

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The most drastic difference is prob in the CDI and jetting.

Did they do anything with the ACV, or the carb otherwise?

I came across the same thing,the 01 was $500 less then the 02. After asking around and talking to a few people at different shops I came to the conclusion that all the little changes wouldn't make any diffence to the type of riding I do.

I did however go with the 02 because I had the money and I thought if I wanted to offload the bike I would recapture the money as it was a year newer. ( I think )

Also, beefier front hub on the 02 - not sure about the rear, but I know the front was different...


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