wow new motor amaving power/torq

so here is my new 426motor and wow I got to thinking of how I wanted to build my next engine I wanted to do something a little different so I started by buying a yfz450 hotrodsstrokercrank and ordered some new hotcams because the 450's have a different pitch of gear on the cam I also ordered all kibble white valves so I started to build my engine I was a little tricky machining the new taper on the crank for my 426 flywheel but I got it done great I stuck the crank in and asembled the bottom end and went to the cylinder it was great and I but a new standerd bore wiseco piston in I like the wisecos because they are much lighter than je next I went to my head and installed 1mm larger exhaust valves and ported and polished them in and then I put the two outer intakevalves in standerd size but the center I put in a +1mm and ported and polished now don't even try telling my the ports need to be matched on a bench that is mainly for multiple cylinder engines

and next I put in the hot cams and went riding and wow this thing has so much torq I can't beleve it myself I can almost idle in 5th gear and crack the throtle back and pull a wheelie this engine is a 472.5

my old engine had the same crank dynateck ingition 97mm je piston web/hotcam ported and polished and it wont even tuch it was like around a 500

Except for the grammar...that sounds extremely radical. 5th gear wheelies are awesome dude. Hope the trans holds up.

Except for the grammar...

Times 2. That was extremely difficult to make sense of.

Pictures? I would love to see some pictures of the Head and Crank.

Pictures? I would love to see some pictures of the Head and Crank.

sorrey I'm not taking it apart for pictures the crank looks like a 450 crank with a 426 flywheel taper and clearence ground for the piston

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