XR400 or XR650, both $1800, your choice?

Disclaimer!!! I own and love my XR650R and L models.

The 400 is an excellent bike but slightly smaller than the 650. At your height, the 650 might be more to your liking but then either bike can get higher bars etc.

But I suspect the XR400 would be better for "putt"ing around. The XR650R tends to overheat if you go too slow. Can be helped by various things but it will still get hot. Evans Coolant solved most of my problems with over heating on the XR650R... but that was only a problem when on REALLY tight trails.

If jetted right it will never overheat no matter what.


I have both and wouldn't part with either. I use them for different kinds of riding. The X4 is good for tight single track and open desert. The X6 for open desert, two track and long fast trips. But I can switch and use either bike, just not as well. My 435cc XR400 will run well with any stock XR600 or XR650 until top end, where it starts working to hard and runs out of RPM's. Both bikes will fit big / tall persons

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