Blowing fuses?

I have a 08 wr 450! We just did the jetting on it and, pulled the carb all the way out. Now everything is put back in the bike when, you try to E start it, it will kick over for a second and, then die. Every time you try to E start then, it blows the #10 fuse under the seat. I have tried kick starting it and, no luck! Any one else have this problem?:prof:

Did you happen to catch a wire on something - pinch it maybe - I'd be doing a complete thorough inspection of the entire area you had apart and worked on, it's got to be something in that area - follow each wire to it's next termination - fuses only blow if there's too much draw on a circuit, and a short is about the only thing that makes sense here if it ran fine before pulling the carb and the carb is all you touched.

I had this problem on my wr450 07 when I did all the mods. My problem was that I completely removed the sub frame and unplugged all the connectors.

If I remember right, there are two 6 wire plugs that will plug into each other.

In other words check the wire colors to make sure you are connecting the correct male to female connectors. Good luck I know it is frustrating.

Got it dialed! We just mixed up the connectors by the side plate and, she fires right up and, rips!:prof:

Just got her dialed for the race this weekend!DSC00464.jpg

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