Clutch not slipping just not engaging properly from neutral to 1st

My Buddy has a 650R and asked me to ask me to look into this problem on TT.

At standstill in 1st gear, clutch does engage, but there is a retarded and delayed response in the latter part of clutch lever. (clutch cable is adjusted properly) bike joilts foward when does engage.

There is no clutch slippage issues, seems like engangment issues.

all other gears are fine, only at a stand still pulling off in 1st.

Anyone has had similar scenarios. What do you think the problem is? Thanks

What clutch pack are you using? Is it stock or has it been changed? Is there still a judder? Is it OEM? Is the basket a little notched. Does it do it all the time or only when hot or cold?

found the problem... clutch cable was slightly frayed at the lever. Thanx.

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