Borrego rack on an XR650L

Does anyone have any pictures of a Turbo City Borrego rack mounted on an XR650L? I'm trying to decide on a rack for my L but I'm having trouble finding information on this one.



Thanks for the input again.

I've just ordered the Borrego rack.

News at 11 :thumbsup:


First off, my bike was used in the pictures on, and my bike was used to prototype several other parts for the bike, so I've met Tom at Turbo City and am impressed with his operation. He is most interested in creating a quality product, and appreciates any feedback to better the product if there is a way. I have been running the Borrego on my bike for the past couple months and like it a lot. It was specially designed for the Cortech/Tourmaster sport tailbag, and fits it perfectly. The way the rack is made will also sport pretty much any tailbag you choose. As we know, the XRL subframe is not the greatest, so you should keep the weight up there reasonable. I have had my bike fully loaded with camping gear and clothes, etc. on the Turbo City Sequoia rack, which I also own, and rode through the desert (whoops, etc.) and haven't had a problem.

I don't have any good pictures to post, but will try to remember to do so. There are pictures on the website as well...

BeeDub, was there any need to relocate the tail light for the Borrego rack like mentioned here?

Seems to be lots of Borrego threads bouncing around


Thanks, I fixed my post in the other thread, no need to move the blinkers or tail light for the Borrego rack. Only need to move the blinkers to the rack for the larger racks he sells.

MartinFan, can you somehow merge these two Borrego rack threads? Thanks if you can, thanks for trying if you can't!

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