New here :)

Hey Guys just signed up.

look forward to reading all your good posts.

been almost 10 years since i have been riding!

here is a couple of pics of my new ride



cheers & have a great weekend!



Hi and where exactly is Manitoba?

Welcome to TT! You made a great choice. :prof:

Hi and where exactly is Manitoba?

Right beside to Saskatchewan:ride:


Read the sticky's at the top of this forum and enjoy the ride!

Welcome aboard!

How get that new beast un-corked

welcome to the forum.I am a newbie also ,hope you like the forum as much as I do.

i'm a newbie too , welcome from the south coast of England :thumbsup:

2003 wr450

Thanks for the welcome guys,

got about 100km's on the bike now.. love it. my dealership told me about a baffle in the muffler and installing a YZ throttle stop, siad it will wake the bike right up.

going to change the oil tonight, and go for a rip.

hey south coast of england, very kewl.. i was born in derby england... not sure where it is :thumbsup: my parents came to canada when i was 2



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