650L Tusk T-10 bars and Otterbox pic link

Couldn't figure the picture posting thing for this forum but heres a link to a handful of pictures of my bike with an Otterbox 2500 mounted where the tool bag used to be and a couple other shots showing a Tusk T-10 ATV bar with guards and spoilers mounted as well.


I really like the higher bars and the Otterbox was a must have for the kinda riding I do. Usually soaking wet and covered with mud by the end of the first 30 minutes.

The pictures will initially come up fairly small but can be clicked on to go to full size if you ever contemplate using either of the 2 items on your L.

I like the look of the bars.

Nice job!

Also- I think the box is cool but I'd probably mount a box like that on my front fender right up by the forks.:prof::bonk: - just my .02

i went with higher atv bars as well, looks good.

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