I need a quick response please,GUYS!!!!!!!!1

I have a 01 wr with yz timing and pipe/silencer. I took my bike to get it all greased up and check it out, all warranty work.I get it and they put a knew top end in. no charge, o.k.. I have a 100 mile race in 3 days. Take it out to break-in. alittle poppy on the let off. Then it felt fine.Go to race first set of hoops I hit it starts to bog then I chill out on it let it clear start hiting it hard again starts loading up again 100 miles of frustration. This has happened before I dropped the pilot jet 1 and leaned my fuel screw great. let yamaha have it for a day awfull. help me so I can have a plan b if they cant figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys. P.S. come to a nevada desert race!!!

Without knowing what the extent of the work they did was, it would be a stab in the dark. did they clean the carb? - your float level may be out... did they have you done the BK mod? they may have reset that on you...

Work systematically through the options and you will fing the cause... Clean and reset carb - check all your jetting circuits - make sure the manifold is not cracked, the fuel line is not kinked or the header pipe is in nice and tight... check throttle play and cable routing... check cam chain tensioner... check airbox and filter... check sparkplug and lead...

Good luck,


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As has been posted from other TT'ers, your dealer MAY have REVERTED your timing BACK TO WR TIMING...??? :)

WR timing would be my guess too... unless you told them otherwise, they'd have to put it back as the wr that it is.

Timing is a good bet. Also make sure they didn't take the liberty of "correcting" your jetting...to Yamaha specs.

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