Tired of Windham RM Mid Bend on 06 YZ450

I am 6 feet tall and went with the Pro Taper RM Mid on my 06 450 and now I think they are to tall. I am an aggressive novice (top 3) at 6' 190 and I think I need a lower bar. These bars are great when standing but I find they are difficult to control when seated. Has anyone ridden with the RM Mid and changed to a lower bar? If so what did you go with? I am looking for a step or two down and any recommendations on sweep is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to test them all so i am looking for some advice. Thanks....

Try the Henry/Reed bend. They're about 10mm lower than the Windham. I like them.

Thanks Gray....its been a while since i have been here with my back injury but as always you make great recommendations....

Try the Henry/Reed bend. They're about 10mm lower than the Windham. I like them.

That's the bend that I used. I felt like the Windham bend was too tall also. The Henry/Reed bend allowed me to feel more aggressive on the bike.

I have an '06 YZ450 and 6 ft. also. I went with the Pro Taper Contours-Factory Suzuki bend. They are the same height and the Reed/Henry but have 10mm less swep. Meaning they are a little straighter and in my opinion, could help with armpump when riding with your elbows up.

the renthal windam bends which he uses now have the same bend as the pro taper henery reed bars.

I run the Windam bend with my Renthal Twinwall bars and I love them. I actually got the bar suggestion from people on here and it seems like a lot of people use them.

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