kxf wheels on a 01 426?

Send a PM to wheeldude. He may know.

Bryan, the front should fit no problem with the right spacers.

The rear is going to be another story. The KXF uses 25mm bearings in the rear hub, while the YZ uses 22mm. That could be corrected with custom spacers that slide in the bearing to reduce to 22mm.

You will need to measure the distance between the rear hub sprocket and rotor flanges, and check to make sure the rotors are the same diameter, as yor YZ rotors will not fit KXF hubs (6 bolt vs 4 bolt). If the flange to flange measurement is the same, and rotors are the same diameter, make spacers and use them. If the flange to flange is way off, you will not be able to get the rotor to line up in the rear caliper . Take a few quick measurements, and you will know what to do. WD

thanks for the help sounds like i should just spend the extra 150 and get the ones for my bike.

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