anyone have the dr.d carbon fiber/ti or stainliess exhaust?

how do u like um.. hows the can holding out.. gunna pick one up and just curious on whats everyones experiance with them are.. i already know that ill need to repack every month depending on how much i ride.. or every 4th ride.

I have the stainless system and really like it. As far as re-packing the silencer every 4 rides....That seems a little excessive.

i already know that ill need to repack every month depending on how much i ride.. or every 4th ride.
Apparently, you are a Pro, or you intend to ride with the quiet core in place full time:

Using FMF 4-stroke packing, I found my son's pipe to need repacking at ridiculously frequent intervals, far shorter than the original life of the factory packing. I have since put a DRD repack kit in it (which is also vastly easier to install), and it's already holding up better. His original packing lasted about 8 months, and mine's been in since last October. The hours we put on either of these far exceeds the published chart, BTW.

well to me the price of packing is cheap compared to outcome of a cracked can. i know its a bit excessive but i dont want to spend all that money on a Cf system and have it completely screwed by lack of packing. owe and i also forgot to mention that my ride days pretty much 4- 5 hours a day of track time..

i have the stainless and i love it, still need to jet my bike properly to get the full effect. i didn't notice that much of a power gain though, and i can safely say thats because its not jetted right, best mod i've done so far was put a 12t sprocket in the front, and that only cost me $13, whereas my dr. d was just under 500 shipped to my door (bike shop hookups :thumbsup: )

the only complaint was that when i first fired up my bike the header teased me with a pretty blue then the blue faded out.

I have the full stainless system, and although I've only got a little bit of time on it I'm very happy with it thus far.

My son has a complete stainless system on his YZF and it realy helped his bottom end.

I am a DRD support rider and have a couple of years experience with the carbon fiber stainless system. DRD recomends repacking every 4hrs of ride time with the CF system. I have been running about 6hrs before repacking and would not go any longer than that. I also use DRD packing which is high quality and easy to use. The only time that I run the CF system is on actual race day on a MX track, the rest of the time I run the aluminum can with a sparky screen installed. To have the CF can on your bike full time is just too much maintenance for me. I would advise stainless aluminum for most riders, they work extremely well and look nice too.

only reason i was gunna go cf with the stainless header is due to the fact that i can get a new one for 375. and as of right now no one has one for sale at that price.. and i cannot afford to go threw a retailer due to they all want 499 plus.

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