dave's mods or d-jet?

i've been turning this over in my mind for the last week-dave's mods or d-jet kit. 20 years since i modded a bike and that was when i had a good shop nearby that influenced my mods. i have the jet/j- kit recommended for sea level. with the new exhaust, white bros e2, de-smog ( in process), uni filter and idle screw. which method is best? any parts bought and/or removed will b saved. all new jets, dyno spring w/dave's mods, dave's mods period? i would like to have opinions and help, as i have found this site to be the best for all things thumper.

thx, slough

After trying the DJ kit I then went and experimented with the Daves mods,and found them to be better. I did use the DJ spring with daves mods. After puting a full exaust from XRs only I then went with there Mikuni flat slide and that was way better and not a bad price (non pumper).

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