Number Plate

Anyone change the headlight/numberplate to a YZ style one? What did you use to secure it on? I'm putting on a One Idustries plate and the bottom sits fine in the 2 holes, and I'm flush against the top clamps. I used the strap around the bars and I tried getting a longer screw to go into the top clamp but it wasn't quite long enough. I want to find a longer screw with possible a threaded spacer but Home Depot didn't have what I was looking for so I need to try something else. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I used a piece of plumbers tape (metal strapping with a hole about every 1/2"). I bent it on a ~45 degree axis, to a 90 degree bend, painted it black and used it for three years.


PS don't forget the YZ spacer and seal to replace the odo drive, at the wheel.

I used a zip-tie

I'll probably go zip tie till I can find something alittle more permenant. Bill do you have any pics of that. I used a rubber cap to cover the odo hole. 20 cents at the Depot, fit real good.

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