Looking for an old bike...

Hey y'all, this is my first post to the discussion board and I first want to note that you are all a bunch of thoughtful and interesting people. I've been wanting to get a bike for about a year now and have been reading your posts for about as long. So here's where I'm at. Of course it would be grand to get something shiny and new, but I honestly don't have much money right now. There's a relatively clean and definitely old 86 KTM 250 sitting at the house of this friend I made in class, $700. That would leave some money for gear and fixes, even while that's gonna be one gnarly bike to find parts for (...reminds me I have a big carb question for someday soon...) So...

Should I get the bike? I want to open this up just in case anyone wants to bite off. Gotta make a decision by next Tuesday.

I totally appreciate any insight you can give me... 6'2, 215lbs, I'll be desert riding, Needles and Havasu Landing mostly, but it would be nice to feel comfortably hooked up for air.

But now the pitch: if anyone's got a forgotten project sitting out next to the shed, I'll just say I'm working with about thirteen bones. Thanks a lot you guys and gals, and I won't post these big old long messages anymore. And sorry for crossposting (I did the big bore bikes) Peace, Lincoln

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