WR400F Street Legal

I have a question that is bothering me for quite sometime. When I travelling at , say, 60miles/hour, sometimes the headlight goes off and my blinkers don't work at that rpm. But sometimes it doesn't happen... why??? :):D

My brother had a similar problem, only with his head light, a wire had rubbed through somewhere. happy hunting.

Remove the gas tank and check for a yellow wire coming from the flywheel cover. This is the output of the lighting coil and the connector under the tank tends to corrode then cook itself to death. My 98 WR had this problem and the connector turned into a lump of non conducting carbon.

Itermittant electrical problems are the worst things to troubleshoot. Good Luck.

I have been having the same problem.

I'll have to check that wire.

Death night if it turns out to be somthing else let me know.I'll do the same if I find somthing.

No wire burn.... weird.......But I did found out that if the headlight goes off, just give a few tap on a little black bow with 4/5 pins. The light will come on again :):D Weird right ?

I disconnected my headlight ,figured I never use it anyways. Everything worked great. Not sure if it's because

there is less electrical draw on the system or the connector is shorting.

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