does this sound good

so i am looking into a bike for family freinds i found a 06 yz450f with low hours for $3600, i have a crf450 and dont really know about the yzfs is 06 a killer year or does it have issues. I cant decide if we should jump on this deal or go for even a newer one let me know what you think about the different years and this deal.

That is a pretty good deal if it is in really good shape. The 06-08 YZ450s where all killer years. Many people like the 06 power the best of any year.

the 06 is nice, but it feels really heavy compared to the 07, but i hear thats a simple fix with a dr. d rad lowering kit and some other stuff, but my dad's 06 just doesn't want to lean over, my 07 feels so light in comparison, so maybe its a biased judgement.

I have had my 06 since march of 06 and had no problems. And I have never had to adjust the valves.

My '06 YZ450F is the best bike i've ever ridden. Been riding for 32 years now. :thumbsup:

If they aren't regular riders you might provide a 250F. Just a tad slower and a lot easier to handle.

I have a feeling your friends will end up on the cr, hehe...

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