Street tires

I ride my XR650L on the street (country back roads and the occassional dirt road) 98% of the time. Does anyone have a recommendation for tires? Street tires would look stupid and probably would not be available for that tall front wheel any way. I like the stock tires, but they sure wear out fast. The rear lasted 2000 odometer miles. (Many miles aren't registered because the front wheel stays off the ground a lot). I would like more mileage and off road traction is not important. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try IRC GP 110's, S rated with good wear characteristics for mostly road.


That's a cool looking tire, thanks.

Yep. For street riding, IRC gp110's are tough to beat. The Michelin Sirac is nice, but it's twice as expensive, and doesn't wear any better. Don't expect much more than 3-4000 miles on any rear tire though. The L uses them. (All that torque:)

I would agree with the IRC GP-110's, and also add the Kenda has a tire that's identical to the GP-110, and, I think, its cheaper. Try No I don't work for them, but I think they have the lowest tire prices.

I have a set of Pirelli MT 21's on my KLR that have just a tic over 2500 miles on them. They have stood up really well, so far. The front still looks brand new. The rear is now just starting to show some wear from the mileage on it. I mostly ride on the street but do occasionally go down the trails with it. Down here in FLA., it's not the tire to have trail riding if you want it to hook up, but it pulls my overweight KLR through anything. No complaints whatsoever with the tire. As for prices, some places might be cheaper by a few dollars for their tires but then it gets eaten up by the shipping costs. But every once in a while, there are some good deals to be had (by "x" amount of parts and get free shipping). Just have to keep an eye open for them.

My .02 cents worth. But I'm running a special's free. :)

Back when I had my XT600, I also chewed threw tires pretty fast. I found some Metzler Enduro 3's, and thought they were knobbie enough for off-road, yet they did not wear so fast on the road.

Here is a link to that tire: Click Here


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