vintage race part sources for older XRs - complete list

This post is in response to: I thought this would be more convenient if it was its own posting; the original posting only asked about 'racing parts for a xr75 or xr80' but these sources cover ALL of the old twin shock XRs - thus this separate posting.

Wiseco still lists up to 2mm bore kits for the XR80. Not sure if these fit the xr75 but I think that they do. I have used Wiseco pistons many times in XRs and I like the brand.

Powroll offers lots of parts for older XRs and they can stroke your crank, too. I have a Powroll cam in the xr185/hybrid. part no. 12714N if anyone cares.

Megacycle lists 3 different race cams, several different kinds of valves spring sets, gaskets kits, etc. I have used Megacycle cams in my road racing bikes and I like the brand. has their website shut down with bandwidth problems but they probably sell race parts for the xr75/80. I have bought stainless steel Kibblewhite valves from them.

Webcam lists three cams just for the early xr75 alone. No experience with this company but they've been around for a long time.

R/D Spring Company makes valve springs for just about everything. I have not bought from them directly but I have their springs in the xr185/hybrid.

Mikuni makes a variety of smoothbore carburetors starting at 16 and 18mm; not sure what the stock carb was but these are easy to work on (lots of jetting options). I'm not sure if these guys sell direct to the public but this is still a good reading resource. I have bought many carbs (10?) from Sudco and I have a VM smoothbore on the xr185/hybrid. Mikuni also makes a wide variety of rubber intake manifolds which will be required if you install larger VM smoothbore.

Keihin smoothbores start at only 26mm from the aftermarket companies (I've always wanted to try Keihin smoothbores but they are much more expensive than comparible Mikunis)


you can always fit a 2mm larger than stock (xr100, xl100, xl125?) carb from a wrecking yard. Finding OEM jets for an older OEM Keihin would likely be a problem, though. I think you would need to buy them from Honda and they are probably all discontinued (which is why you should buy Mikuni VMs).

There does not seem to be an easy-to-find HD cam chain available but that might be listed on the xrsonly site (which is down so I can't look). Often, you can take the chain measurements from the Honda microfiche and look through an aftermarket cam chain catalogue; I have aftermarket Tsubaki cam chains in two of my smaller road racing bikes and also on the xr185/hybrid that I found that way.

K&N makes just about anything you can dream up in the way of air filters. I have a nerf football sized one on my xr185 monster motor. I have K&Ns on all of my race bikes, even the road racing ones.

EBC makes both 'Sport Carbon' and 'Sintered Metal' brake shoes for the early XR80. Didn't see anything for the XR75, though. (link to 316 page .pdf file at the bottom of the page). I use EBC sintered metal shoes in my xr185/hybrid.

ohhhh, what else? Fork springs? Tapered steering bearings? (I just found steering bearings for the xr80; not sure which years though). Bronze swing arm bushings? Shocks? Those are all probably still available new somewhere. Shocks are anyway. Try Hagon. Aftermarket fork springs might be kind of hard to find. You can always shim your old ones with PVC in a pinch.

Sprockets are available in many sizes from a number of sources. Try will custom make anything you can imagine. I use sidewinders on my xr185/hybrid.

Colder NGK spark plugs: I would not use another brand if they were free.

I have my exhaust pipes custom made and that guy is now retired. Not sure what I will do when I need another one. Supertrapp makes a wide variety of 3" steel, spark arrestor mufflers. I use one of these (not very glamorous) on the xr185/hybrid.

If you ever need a custom made control cable, Terry Cable will custom make teflon lined cables. The company is not very easy to work with but the cables are great. I have several custom made cables from them on my road racing bikes.

If you want wider rims, you could call Buchanan Spoke & Rim Be prepared to spend lots and lots and lots. Not sure why that would be necessary on an ORV but I've used them several times for my road racing bikes.

You should be able to find handlebars, grips, levers, drive chains, and tires at the local dealership or on-line. Those are all widely available.

I forget who I bought the 2mm overbore xr200 head gasket from but oversize gaskets do exist (OEM XR gaskets are only good up to a 1mm bore).

Uh, did I miss anything? :thumbsup:


Added on Saturday, 12 April, 2008:

I thought of a few more suppliers that I failed to list in my first “complete list”

If you want to replace or 'upgrade' (whether this is an upgrade deserves a full seperate posting) your coil, you might try Accel at: and click the on the link to download the .pdf file of their coils.

If you want to upgrade your clutch plates, clutch springs, or if you need a non-custom cable, try Barnett at I can’t believe that I failed to mention this in my first post as I have their products in every bike I own. Oops.

If K&N does not make an air filter that you require, try Uni Filters at I prefer K&N but Uni makes good, quality products.

This doesn’t exactly belong here as this doesn’t make your bike go faster, but I once convinced Ceet Racing to make me a custom colored seat cover for an old YZ. Made the bike look at least 6 years newer.

If you need a larger fuel tank or if you just don’t want a metal OEM one, you could try Maier Manufacturing at

Another source for engine parts is Moose Racing. Among other things, they list clutch parts for the XR80 and XR100.

Thanks to SoCalXr for mentioning Works Performance. I thought about listing them but they are SO DARNED EXPENSIVE, I chose not to. Incidentally, they will custom build both single and twin shocks to your riding style and weight. Anyway, as SoCalXr pointed out, they can be found here:

Finally, if you ever need to look at the OEM microfiche for your bike, go here:

Holy crap, nice post!! :thumbsup:

great info Saxon! :thumbsup:

Great Post So I made it a Sticky! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Does anybody know if you could use one of the newer 90 watt stators from rickystator. They are for the newer xr70's, 80's, and 100's. I am guessing that you might have to get a newer wiring harness and change over to CDI--if that's possble. I'm just curious just how much I can do to my little XL80s. It's pretty fun to have a little pit bike that I can ride to work. I just wish there was a fix for the footpegs that bolt into the cases. One side is stripped out. I managed to fix it (kinda) with a lot of teflon(sp?) tape. I just have to be careful how much weight I put on the pegs.

Thanks for the info. nice post!

I can't seem to locate race-specific brake shoes for the XL/XR 200. I can still get OEM type replacement shoes from EBC and Vesrah however.

Found this place for the fork boots and more;

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Looking for cyl head complete xr80r, or big bore with appropriate complete head assy.

"Finding OEM jets for an older OEM Keihin would likely be a problem"  How old are we talking?  I got main and slow jets for my PD36A-B Keihin from 1984.  And it seems there isn't much they don't have.  Under Keihin they offer both Keihin brand and OEM equivalent.

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