Fremont - April ride - chime in

Bruce, thanks for starting this one!:thumbsup:

It truly was an amazing experience for us this last weekend:worthy: I want to thank ALL of you guys for coming out. Made some great new friends:cheers:

Bruce and Rich let me try out the 650R's they ride. If you are an L guy, and are "curious" DONT RIDE ONE! An amazing beast they are. I think I will setup my suspension better, and install a 675 kit to see if I can keep up next time!

I did eat it once, we were in a whooped out section with deep sand. My forks bottomed out, and next thing I knew I was spitting out sand and pulling my L back up:lol: Not bad though.

The rides next time will be put on a schedule, so there is not as much down time. If you arent there for it, there will be a ride later in the day.

Like stated earlier, there were zero boneheads out there(except for a certain Canadien:smirk:)J/K. Every one was VERY helpfull to each other and that was nice to see.

The phone call to Rick is very faint in my mind. Pops was springing for tequila shots and dont remember much!

Once again, thanks to all that attended!:confused::thumbsup:


Same to you, brother. I will hang out with you and Papa Rich anytime. I have a special bottle of tequilla to share when we can get together. You tell him that for me. :ride:

Same to you, brother. I will hang out with you and Papa Rich anytime. I have a special bottle of tequilla to share when we can get together. You tell him that for me. :thumbsup:

Will do!:thumbsup:

ALL the rides were great.

I will be using TT names for easy reference for the forum guys out there.

The saturday group ride out to the Husky was cool. The ride back on the sweeping sandy dirt road was a blast for some adrenal rush chasing after AB trailers & BWB63


The ride out to the abandoned "Club Med Prison" was a good one. Some high speed running on the dirt highway with Coolage and Agent2 was the initial start of that ride.

Then we had Denn (& who else?) doing burnouts in a weird empty building on the way to the prison. Unfortunately Splooge got a flat tire and limped back to camp with Coolage joining him for backup.

AB Trailers broke his throttle cable just before reaching the prison and the group rigged it up with a custom throttle using a pair of mini vise grips and he took off back to camp. Anyone take a pic of that?

We explored the outer remains of the abandoned prison on a hill with a nearby neighborhood below it built for the prison staff. It looked like what could have been a Hollywood set neighborhood if it was still in good condition. Cool place.

The ride back on the long dirt road along the main highway and the road leading into camp was a flat out affair with Cleanard. :confused:

Sunday was a great ride with Martinfan & Denn10. We

started out on the high speed sweeping dirt road leading out to the Joshua Tree.

It started to really hit me then, realizing the beauty and vastness of this area of the desert. I started actually looking around at the distant mountain peaks and sprawling landscape. I was just awed by it!

We stopped a couple times to enjoy the scenery. We found Denns rear fender pack frothing up out of the zipper and seams. The button on his can of emergency tire foam

had become activated. Denn got a new gripper seat out of the ordeal.

We crossed east through the Wilderness Corridor. We then hauled some booty towards Cuddeback dry lakebed where we took some video of some top speed runs across it. It was quite windy out there on the dry lakebed. Finally we headed back to camp where we stumbled across the

"Battling Tortoises". Took some pics and video of that. The smaller dude took off after the big guy became more

interested with us. The big guy poked around and hung out at my boots. It was hard to leave the dude as by the time we were taking off he was like a companion pet. But hey, you gotta leave them alone.

We all took off late sunday afternoon. It was getting breazy to say the least, :ride: . Truly a great trip. There is already talk of the next one being in October.

Here are some pics and video. It is very basic video without any editing. You can hear alot of wind out there

but if you turn up the volume a little you can hear my reaction as Denn flies by me within arms length on my bike and Martinfan laughing in the backround. :thumbsup:

Denn10 & Martinfan at the Wilderness Corridor.





Battling California Desert Tortoises.


XR650Ls flat out across Cuddeback dry lakebed.

Click here to watch Two-XR650Ls-wide-open-across-dry-lakebed

Denn10 doing a run on my XR650R.

Click here to watch XR650R-wide-open-past-the-camera-on-dry-lakebed

Tortoise battle.

Click here to watch Two-California-Desert-Tortoises-battling

This is not an exciting video but it was a cool experience with the little desert tank.

The bigger guy coming to hang out after his fight.

Click here to watch An-experience-with-a-California-Desert-Tortoise

Just showed the battling turtles to the guy i work with LMAO that was cool as shiat!! Prolly the only time in my life or the 2 Rich's that any of us will ever see that again!! It was like Ninja Turtle war!!!


I also was thinking to myself about the fact that all those people and i didnt even smart off to any of them???? I woulda thought someone woulda got my hair ruffled once and i unleased the smartass Denn but everyone was way cool....EVEN the Neva-da-uhns!!!! DOH?????

After it all the speedo said 140 miles all in the dirt so i definitely got a pretty good workout for the weekend, So much in fact i didnt go to work yesterday and went to bed around 10ish pm and woke up a few minutes before noon yesterday!!!! Slept like Sleeping Bueaty!!! and i needed some bueaty sleep for sure!! Such a long hard weekend trying and trying to bait people into the trailer and sure enough i got one!!!! THUMPAGE ended up in the trailer BUT he was crapping in my toilet????? DAMNIT LMAO

Had a nice wakeup on Sat morning........some jackarse decided to put a nice pink basket on my bike??? WTFlock??? GOOD GOD i know JETFUEL already has that one and spicing it up something nice. Bald tire on the bike and all i had a BLAST all weekend and am really glad i got everthing together and made it out for the 3 days, minus the wind(which i hate!!) it was really good temps, never really even started to sweat on our rides and slept like a little baby all tucked up in my nice COMFY QUEEN SIZE BED......How did the rest of ya sleep??? Just kiddin dont say i didnt have an open invite for anyone to take residence in the extra beds i had in the trailer. Id love to be able to say i cant wait for all the other pics to show up but im kinda dreading whats gonna show up on my head, arse, and bike!!! But thats ok what goes around comes around and i have some mad skillz finding some perfect pics to add myself to some of the pics!!! If we have a fall ride well have to maybe think about moving it north maybe a bit around Mammoth area, but if not i think that spot we were at gives some great riding and some nice long loops like CLEO and his crew were knocking out!!!!

Sent by Hardcar, I may be signed on as martinfan30

Bruce, you ride very well and I was complementing you on that. But then again I am 53 Yrs and 250Lb riding a stock "L", you are 20 something 175 Lb riding a fire breathing "R" so go figure!! I for one had a blast. Each of you are a credit to desert riders of all ages now and in the past. Good role modes for those to come. Class acts in every way. Hope to ride with you all again soon.

Heres some more...








Top row, L to R: Rick, Rich, Dennis, Alex, Me, Carl, John, Tony, Jim, Rich

Bottom row, L to R: Guy and Bruce

Rich - that group picture is excellent, although I gotta admit if I were to come across that motley crew and didn't know them, I would probably just keep riding.....

Thanks Rich.

Doubtfull is I would stop either! Dennis may run back and drag his trailer to the spot though!:thumbsup:

I added a few names to your pic.......


Thanks John:thumbsup:

A few more....


Dad and I poured gas down all these ant holes. Some burned for 1/2 hour!




WELL ill get to see all the pics tonight or in a few days, painted JRs room so the computer is unhooked right now while i had it emptied out, The pic that SPLOOGE posted at the monument is a SAD SAD looking group of people there for sure!!! I like the row of 3 bald heads in the middle LMAO looks like a Bosley comercial coming up for the 3 of us, send that to them HEHEHEE

A little late joining the comments party......

What an awesome weekend!

Just so you folks know, this weekend was as much about unwinding and relaxing as it was about riding for me. I was just as happy sittin' by the campfire with friends and a brew in my hand as I was cruisin' on the trails.

My son Tony and I showed much later than expected on Friday, and everybody there was helpful in getting me set up and unloaded. Denn was on the spot helping me back up the trailer, get levelled and unhitched. Thanks bro!

Since it was already evening when I got my camp all sorted out, there was some time for a few brews and gettin' to know the crew before I started planning dinner for me and my son. I was having a hard time keeping the charcoal going for the grill due to the wind, so thanks to Thumpage and Denn10, dinner turned out to be a potluck chili that included ground turkey, venison sausage, a few cans of beans and other goodies that we each had brought along. Turned out being some pretty good stuff.:thumbsup: Though I understand it may have wreaked a little havoc with some poor unsuspecting individuals digestive system. Thumpage, Denn, me, and my son lived through it, though I think the walls of my trailer expanded a little by morning. :ride:

Sat morning I spent some time working on my forks before I ever through a leg over the bike. We all headed for the Husky Memorial about 10am (I think).

I left my camera at camp and shared my sons to shoot some pics. I wish I had taken more "action" shots, but we were always on the go and never really stopped to catch people actually riding. Here's a few pics from the ride to the Memorial...




The ride to the Memorial was pretty much a cake walk, not technical at all. Awesome fire road trails that gave us all an opportunity to open up the bikes and enjoy the ride.

Once we got to the Memorial we all walked around and stretched our legs for a bit and took some more pics.....


Me and my son Tony


Denn returning from scouting a trail


The Group


The ride back to camp from the Memorial was about 15 miles, and I'd say that about five solid continuos miles were all whoops starting about a mile after we left the Memorial. My legs are still feeling it. :ride: It was still a great ride and I had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. I stuffed my front wheel into a bush while tackling the whooped out trail in some loose sand, but that's the closest I came to ditching my bike.

After we got back to camp it was all about lunch, beer, relaxing, more beer, some brownies and MRE's, and more beer.:thumbsup: Not before we gathered for a pic in front of Old Glory, though.:confused:**Due to technical maladies, this is the best shot I could salvage**


Eventually somebody pointed out that the bikes were quietly planning a mutiny if we didn't give them another workout, so we got ready to head out towards one of the radar towers.

Unfortunately, I managed to to hit a square edged hole or a rock pretty hard and flattened my tire and dinged up my rim.:D Since the bike was acting pretty squirrelly at low speeds, I decided to return to camp. Thank you to everyone for watchin' out for my son on the rest of the ride while I returned to base.

Here are some pics from the abandoned building.....


My flat tire!


Denn burnin' some rubber!


Coolidge and I cruised back to camp after the abandoned building. Since it was getting dark, I decided not to mess with replacing the tube because I was going to spend Sunday shooting before packing it in to leave by 1 or 2pm.

Sunday morning was all about breakfast and getting packed up before heading into the foothills for blasting some ammo....

Agent2 and me blastin' some caps, yo!


My son crackin' off a few


Agent2 sending lead down range.


Denn, I just heard the messages on my cell, LOL!

Yeah, you could say that traffic in Adelanto kinda crept up on me outta nowhere. I stood on that brake pedal so hard I thought my feet were gonna go through the floor. :thumbsup: I was watching the car drivers eyes through his side mirror as he watched me and they looked like peeled onions. I'm pretty sure he was more scared than I was as he watched my truck and trailer bearing down on him with all the brakes squealing and smoking.:thumbsup:

What about that foolio that squeezed into traffic a couple of cars ahead of you about ten miles past Kramer Jct.? Did he force that white minivan off the road or did I miss something?

I had some wacko kamikaze soccer tamale queen try to squeeze me out where the 395 merges onto the 15 South. Seriously dude, this psycho frito bandito chick was in a blue Dodge Caravan with five kids in it and she was trying to pinch me off as we were getting on the freeway.

Some people have absolutely no common sense. I'm like 10,000 pounds of rolling beer and pork rinds that you don't want to mess with.

In case any one wondered....


In case any one wondered....


Good call. :thumbsup::confused:

The inaugural Big Red Pig Get Together Ride and Beer Fest sign was saved for posterity.:thumbsup::ride:

In case any one wondered

A-ha!! You dog. Just kidding :thumbsup: , glad it has a good home, if I would have known, I would have spent more than 5 minutes making it.

A-ha!! You dog. Just kidding :thumbsup: , glad it has a good home, if I would have known, I would have spent more than 5 minutes making it.

The rough edges, and poor quality finish are the fine points!J/K.:thumbsup:

Hey guys, it looks like a good time was had by all.:thumbsup:

Thanks for posting up the pics and vids for the rest of us..:thumbsup:

Hey guys, it looks like a good time was had by all.:confused:

Thanks for posting up the pics and vids for the rest of us..:thumbsup:

Yeah, it looks like those of us that are geographically challenged sure missed a good time. Our forefathathers made the trip in wagons and on horses so I'm almost crazy enough to load up the 120,000 mile F-150 and head west. If I only had enough vacation time I would be packed and ready for the next TT get together. I wish I could have been there. Looks like a great group of guys. :thumbsup:

Of course I'll have to make sure to pack the razor for the inaugural TT headshaving. :ride:

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