Fremont - April ride - chime in

Just showed the battling turtles to the guy i work with LMAO that was cool as shiat!! Prolly the only time in my life or the 2 Rich's that any of us will ever see that again!! It was like Ninja Turtle war!!!

Such a long hard weekend trying and trying to bait people into the trailer and sure enough i got one!!!! THUMPAGE ended up in the trailer BUT he was crapping in my toilet????? DAMNIT LMAO

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused::ride: :ride:

The tortoise battle; Most definitely a rare sight indeed.

I had to try the toilet in the trailer at least once to see what luxury felt like. Problem is, I could barely even fit in there!!! I felt like I had to be a contortionist to do my thing.


One thing though, Denns bathroom is like Mr Clean had gone through it. I was real happy about that. I just kept wondering what that little red light was all about in the shower head...

Look at Denns body positioning and just imagine the music to go with this pic.. Bawh chicka bawhwow, chicka bawh...


Damn, I wish there had been more time to blast some caps with the homies, :thumbsup:

Agent2 and me blastin' some caps, yo!


As I was trailering my bike & getting ready to leave I noticed my M5B "Rock Chucker" had lost some knobs. 3 were gone and many of the rest of the single center knobs are just hanging by about 1/8"-3/16" of rubber and are like flapping chunks now.




Thanks all for a good time. I haven't been to that area in ages so it was like the old days. I was amazed how well those guys were riding those "L"s. When I die I hope you guys can dig me a hole at the monument and plant my bald head with my throttle grip in hand!

I arrived Saturday about noon when I got to the camp I must say I was impressed, everything nice and neat a couple new 4x4 diesel trucks and two 5th wheels with the sides popped out, apparently all the men were out riding as several very attractive women were near the outdoor kitchen. As I slid my truck in the oldest woman approximately 35 years old ordered the younger ones back in their trailer and something about getting the dogs and a shotgun........she made it clear that I was in the wrong camp and that I should go down the road to the next camp I explained that I was very sorry and that I really liked to stay she said my our type wasn't welcome. As I left I looked back and could see the cute younger girls peeking thru the designer blinds like scared schoolgirls.

Upon arriving at the next camp with beer drinkers milling around a camp fire I knew I was in the right (or wrong) place. Everyone introduced themselves as "Rich" I figured they were screwing with the new guy and noted each jersey outfit just in case I had the opportunity to place my kenda upwind of their paths...They said I was just in time to ride and waiting for the two problem guys to get their boots on. Walking past all the dualsport bikes I chose to leave my 60 lb toolbox that I call a backpack in the truck.......a decision my back felt confident that I wouldn't regret. After I got done unloading my bike and setting up my camp (read pad in back of truck). The two problem knuckleheads were still fussing with their pink basket and pantyhose.......uh I mean boots and cell phone. I haven't been riding with so many for a while and re-acquaint myself with either blinding dust or finding side trails upwind. After a few poorly placed rocks I realized in my hurry I never checked my tires and slowed down to our next stop before I get a pinch flat. As usual when dealing with dualsports there's always several guys with a complete snap on rollaway strapped on his fender and this trip was no exception. One guy whips out an air gauge to confirm what any squid could sum up with a glance that i needed air.....another guy swilling beer all dressed in green had a little air bottle and his partner had the filler tool (I figured they were a couple and left it at that). It turns out the kawasaki guy(I can only assume his name is

rich) was merely trying (quite nicely I must say) to accessorize and color coordinate heiniken cans with his green outfit (I think no one would argue that he stayed color coordinated thru the whole trip). The balance of the ride was uneventful there were a few whoops to loosen up on. However It turns out the one guy that lent me the air filler was riding with only his right hand. I was a little confused and just figured he was showing off how fast he was, I didn't know where we were going but I figured he teased me enough so I zipped past him........after a racing thru the whoops for a while and satisfied that he must be using both hands I pulled over and we went searching for everybody else. Figuring somebody in the back had decided to try to display and sell some of the extra crap in around their yard we parked waited. The balance of the ride was uneventful as Agent skillfully guided us back to the ice chests brimming with super cold icy beer. I could tell immediately that this was everybody's comfort zone with motorcycles parked between a fire and ice chest. Tony (splodge's son) took to the camera which after listening to the banter back and forth was destined to failure....however everybody humored them and we stood for pictures. I could understand why some parties just couldn't wait for this group to go riding as it was hard to get them to leave the comfort of the fire and ice chests. However after several prompts we got a late start for an evening ride. We went down the road and to some abandoned buildings where the

"R" guys watched the "L" guys do burnouts.......I secretly thought .........hmmm so this is what "L" guys do when they get together! I recall thinking are burnouts any more stupid than the things the "R" guys do like trying to climb unclimbable hills or 30 miles of deep whoops. And after all every guy secretly wants to do smoking burnouts just like we did as high school kids in our parents station wagon. After a while I decided I wanted to go back and do burnouts in the building so I broke my throttle cable as an excuse to return. At this point three guys with snap on rollaways pull up to give me a hand on dis-assembling my bike. At one point there were literally three different guys whipping out tools and dis assembling my bike I was more than a little scared when a forth guy pulls our a pair of pliers and started twisting away on my bike........I was about ready to shout at him as I would one of my mechanics when their about ready to use the wrong tool to undoubtedly rip every bit of factory applied finish from the metals surface. I looked up at all of them with fear, they looked so intent on fixing my problem that I didn't have the heart to try and stop them. I just had to walk away. When I came back to see if any usable parts were left to be salvaged I was pleasantly surprised as Agent explained that all I had to do was to yank the vice grips and the bike would go. Cleanord (I can only remember his name cuz it wasn't rich), pulled me aside and advised me to use care when yanking on the vicegrips too aggressively while they are hooked up to a 650 cc minibike (what was now left of my used to be 650r). While riding back I thought what a great job these guys had done at fixing my bike. No doubt the tv show Macgyver was based on "Agents" true life story, agent wasn't like the rest the dualsporters, he had a shiny new "R" his bike only had a tiny fender bag that it contained only a pair of flip flops and a tiny vicegrips. I learned later that with those simple items he could re-build any part of a honda, hodaka, husky or probably any bike for that matter. When I first met Agent all bent over with grimaces on his face........I figured he's damn near crippled whats he doing out here riding. Boy was I glad I met this man as without him (or the three roll away tool boxes) I would have been walking 20 miles back to camp.

Things deteriorated after it got dark, nobody ate, they just drank and began exploding things. At one point several people had explosives and gas cans in hand filling beer bottles to explode in the fire. As things further deteriorated and one of the guys lit my dads down jacket on fire (that I just got repaired from my last ride). I kept vigilant and always tried to put my feet between my face and the beer bottle full of gasoline that these sickos were trying to explode just feet from my face. Eventually we had to hide the gasoline from some individuals they then resorted to trying to explode their MRE's not like it would matter as nobody cared to eat and only drank more beer. Some where around this time Tattooart with a really shiny bike decided that the guy in green and Cleanord were too dangerous to allow in camp any longer take them far out into the desert. I wanted to go with them and try out my new headlight but my bike was broken (in retrospect having broken and further dismantling my motorcycle possibly saved my life). Tattooart made the mistake of telling Tony that he could have his truck if he didn't come back that night (that would come back to haunt him as morning approached). I was dead tired but knew it was too dangerous to sleep so I forced myself to stay awake and drink more beer......... I was curious to find out what had happened to tattooart and the guys he had lured out into the desert night to likely never return, I figured his plan was to flashburn their eyeballs with his pod of suntan lamps, leaving them blind and helpless adrift in a lonely cold desert. It was about this time an immigrant stumbled into camp. To say the least we were insulted that he would show up with his flag waving drinking foreign beer with one of those stupid damn accents, I have no idea what ever happened to the foreigner however upwind of camp a ways there was a shovel with freshly piled dirt that just makes me fear the worst.

The next day I wasn't surprised when the morning ride started after noon. This was the first time I was actually able to meet these sickos, turns out most of them were pretty nice. Coolage was roughing it in the camp next to mine turned out to be a handy neighbor he was the only sane one and had turned in early the previous night and barricaded himself in his rig. Agent I learned hurt his back explaining his hunched grimace. Martin and his dad (I believe they are both named Rich) were just the nicest guys and i felt really bad for not trying harder to stop Denn from throwing a lit m-80 in their tent. Thumper Is in the prime of his life and going for the gusto. Carl and the Kawasaki guy eventually stumbled into camp the next morning.........I caught tattooart leaving with parts off my bike (probably figured it was another abandoned mess in the desert) saying "don't worry I can get you all fixed up".

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I can't wait for the next tt ride on the 26th to San Felipe

ABT's story was great (good to meet you BTW Alex). I live not too far from camp area, but managed to get there in about double the time it should have taken me to get there. After I passed Fremont Peak Rd on 395, I turned all 50+ft of RV/Trailer around and found the TT sign. After pulling onto a sandy road, that seemed to lead to nowhere in the desert, and seeing nobody but a Camry(?) drive by, I decided to unload my bike and head up that road, as I didnt see anywhere to turnaround if I was in the wrong place. Anyways, I pulled into that same camp...wrong one! I finally found everyone, and went back for my rig. Did a quick 'hello' and suit-up, and went for a ride...

The ride to Husky was great. It became obvious fairly quickly, I should have worn my chest protector....dem rocks hurt! It was a pretty easy, fun ride to the monument. I have always wanted to do this ride. Pretty moving place. The ride back was good but yeah, the sandy whoops got to me too. For me, Im 5'-7" (5'-11" w/the fro - j/k!) and 155lbs outta the shower, and my bike is EZ 300+lbs. The whoops beat me like a drum, and I went off course and went down :thumbsup: . No biggee. later that day we rode to the 'abandonded building'. That was fun. It was also fun pacing Highway traffic on the dirt road @ 80mph!! :thumbsup: After Sploogemonkey and I made it back to camp, I got cleaned up, sat down to have a little eats and read a bit. I woke up (passed out) hours later w/my food spilled on my bed and magazine was reading. DOH! So, I apologize if I was anti-social Saturday eve. But I was pretty fargin tired. Least I slept over 8 hrs. I never get to sleep like that @ home!

Next morning, I got up early, we BS'd around the fire, had some awesome Deer sausage, (Thx ABT) After that, I went on a solo ride to Cal City, all the way to Borax Bill park. That was about a 50 mile ride. As I got back from that ride, pretty much everyone was up, and heading out again. I had to pack it up, and bail, but got home around 4:00. Thanks again, Rich, and all who got this deal together. Mucho appreciado. I'd love to do it again.

Lets ride.... :confused:


Denn, I just heard the messages on my cell, LOL!

Yeah, you could say that traffic in Adelanto kinda crept up on me outta nowhere. I stood on that brake pedal so hard I thought my feet were gonna go through the floor. :thumbsup: I was watching the car drivers eyes through his side mirror as he watched me and they looked like peeled onions. I'm pretty sure he was more scared than I was as he watched my truck and trailer bearing down on him with all the brakes squealing and smoking.:thumbsup:

What about that foolio that squeezed into traffic a couple of cars ahead of you about ten miles past Kramer Jct.? Did he force that white minivan off the road or did I miss something?

I had some wacko kamikaze soccer tamale queen try to squeeze me out where the 395 merges onto the 15 South. Seriously dude, this psycho frito bandito chick was in a blue Dodge Caravan with five kids in it and she was trying to pinch me off as we were getting on the freeway.

Some people have absolutely no common sense. I'm like 10,000 pounds of rolling beer and pork rinds that you don't want to mess with.

JUST so you all know SPLOOGE has the new record for burnouts and its NOT from his bike, from his truck as i guess he didnt notice the 1 mile long car trail stopped!!! I noticed the flashing stop light at the last intersection in Adelanto was backed up as usual so when i got by the intersection at the Finest Police station in the world (adelanto) i swung over to the left turn lane. SORRY john shoulda had you follow me the shortcut. Well im turning and i hear SSCCRRREEECCCHHHHHHHHHHH and look over to see John trying to take my thunder for burnout king with BOTH his front tires just smoking like an indian peace pipe!! NOW i would have not worried but the skid had to be something like 50+ feet and i was just turned around saying to myself "OMG HOLY CRAP" and praying i wasnt gonna see him plow into the cars!! WHEW he didnt and i felt a little better but i knew they prolly had to pull over after that and change their skidders out!!! Glad you all are ok without the mishap. People were driving like morons, passing us and other longer trailers in double yellow areas and i wasnt about to move when some tried to sneak on the right side of me so i just held my line and let them tear thru the dirt and shoulders like idiots, i dont care if they scratch my bueatiful paint on the BEAST so there lucky!!!

Tony (splodge's son) took to the camera which after listening to the banter back and forth was destined to failure....however everybody humored them and we stood for pictures.

Tony was using my camera, which he isn't familiar with, because his got damaged on the ride. I think this shot came out okay.


Things deteriorated after it got dark, nobody ate, they just drank and began exploding things.

Camaraderie among fellow BRP owners at its best.




Beer bottle flame thrower.... FTW!!1!


Come to think of it, if it weren't for the campfire BSing, the cold beers, the pranks and fooling around, and the awesome campsite cooking,

I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun.

So many good stories and pictures in this thread.

I was wondering if there would be any interest in a CD with all the photos and video of the trip. I am saving all the pictures being posted and I can send my e-mail address to anyone who has more photos. As soon as I get enough, I will burn a bunch of disks and send them out.

Let me know if any of you would be interested in this so I have an idea of how many to make. When it comes to computer stuff, I am real slow :thumbsup: so don't expect the CD in your mailbox next week....

Good pics John! Alex thanks for the novel.... Was a very entertaining story!:thumbsup:

Try some paragraphs next time!:thumbsup:

Rich, I'm interested! Let me get home tonight and I'll send you pics. PM your email.

Id be down for a CD, im sure someone is savy with the comp and putting pics to a CD, would be cool with pics and little video clips also. Too bad noone had a bike mounted/helmet mounted camera. That woulda been sweet also.

I'll work backwards.

Martin as you can see I am a gearhead and not a writer, I was thinking about having my daughter proof and fix the accurate, factual account of what really transpired but I really don't want her to know what happens when I go away. BTW did that M80 even wake you up?

Agent hope your back is better soon,

Splooge I gotta say I really admire how well your raising your boy and he really looks up to you, I think one of the smartest things my dad did when I was young was keeping my busy. BTW Tony told me the story of the crash, seems everybody in your family are troopers. I especially amazed that the pictures came out. Good kid, I only wish my girls were troopers like him.

I missed several characters, I learned on Sunday after he left that the one handed rider was none other than Borynack, I used his page to re-valve my bike and was hoping that if I ran into him he would test ride and tune my suspension. However in retrospect I probably don't want it set up for a sub 200 lb one handed rider. Anyways I’m confident that after everything would have been said and done we would probably agree my suspension is fine and the poor handling would be attributed to rider negligence.

I think the guy in greens name is either Rich or Jim (it was blur) can somebody find him bigger bike with more horsepower?

Denn was especially nice offering to keep me warm, he even invited me to sleep in his palace he calls a trailer, having just gotten out of an painful divorce I declined his offer.

That said I'd look forward to riding with all of you again, maybe even the Canadian


....I'd be into a CD too. I have more pics as well. If you need some pics or some coin, lemme know?


im sure someone is savy with the comp and putting pics to a CD, would be cool with pics and little video clips also.

My GF is a whiz at that stuff, not only will she set it up real nice, she will probably burn an logo on the CD. I don't know how she does it, don't even ask. All it will cost me is a nice dinner in an expensive restaurant.......

....I'd be into a CD too. I have more pics as well. If you need some coin, lemme know?


No charge for anyone who was there - it's the least I can do for you guys.

:thumbsup: ... you the man!
No charge for anyone who was there - it's the least I can do for you guys.

Inbound Kudo's!!


...............I can send my e-mail address to anyone who has more photos. As soon as I get enough, I will burn a bunch of disks and send them out.

Let me know if any of you would be interested in this so I have an idea of how many to make. ....

I'm interested in a CD.

Tony and I each brought our own cameras, but things got kinda wacky when we traded. I'm not familiar with his camera and most of the shots I took with his came out blurry.

When Tony used my camera, the picture quality somehow accidentally got switched from 2mp down to 0.3mp, so definition suffered. That's why some of my pics are different sized. The ones taken with my camera are only 0.3 mega pixels, and Tonys pics are 8.0 mega pixels, which means I have to compress all of his to make them fit on the screen while all of mine are small. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I'll PM you with info about how many pics I've got. It won't be real soon, though. The 15th is around the corner and I ain't done my taxes yet.

No charge for anyone who was there - it's the least I can do for you guys.

I'm in for that. Thank you! :thumbsup: We will square up somehow, somewhere, if you need anything :thumbsup:

No charge for anyone who was there - it's the least I can do for you guys.

I could offer you a big long hug if that interest you at all as a thank you?????


Maybe a little lick on the ear too??

Exactly what really went on in that trailer?

On second thought, I don't wanna know. I snuck a peek in Denns trailer and this is what I saw......


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