YZF rear shock on a YZ 250?

Not too sure about this, would a 06 yzf rear shock mount up to a 06 yz 250?

I read the post a few notches down, it appeared they might be the same.

Any help is appreciated!


Should be no problem.


Do what "Shockdoc" says(in another post) and measure the overall length or "eye to eye" measurement to check. I would swap springs on the shocks unless you are around 200lb. The bike will be more balanced with the stock fork springs.

Remember on the average 1mm of shock travel equals 3mm of swing arm travel. So say, if the shock is 5mm longer than stock, you will end up with 15mm more travel. Or a bike that is 15mm taller which will defiantly effect handling. Just some things to think about.

But yes, it bolts right up:ride: and yes the forks or just the fork springs are swappable too:thumbsup: Don`t ya love ebay:busted:

Thank you for the answer doc and MRW!

Oh, MRW you got me on the ebay thing.:thumbsup:

I wanted a spare but the spring is waaaay too stiff, 6.4 kg.

I weigh 165 pounds. So, anybody want to trade for the stock


Thank you guys,


I think I have a few stock springs laying around. Don't need to trade for other springs but will give a good price if you want to PM me.


Just for what ever its worth, the valving is a bit different between the 2 shocks. I believe the valving is a bit softer on the 250F. Probably not enough to get one's panties in a bunch, but just an FYI.

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