XR650R Supermoto - Front Wheel Rubbing?!?!

I hope someone else out there has had the same issue!

I moto'd my '02 XR650R and installed 17" Sun Rims. The Front is a 120/60ZR-17. I have maybe a 1mm gap between the tire and fork leg. During rotation, the wheel actually rubs against the leg (tire is not perfectly true)

The brake caliper side has plenty of space, about 1/2".

I am using the stock hubs if that helps.

I am considering shimming the bushing on the brake caliper side to move the wheel over just enough so the tire clears. I am just woried if I take too much off that I may have trouble lining the brake caliper up.

Any suggestions or assistance would greatly be appreciated.


I had some excel rims laced up to the stock hubs recently by a "professional", and the front was too close to the caliper side fork leg and the rear was just plain fugly looking. After the "pro" gave me my wheels back in this condition, I called Excel and they said the stampings on the rims need to be on the left side of the wheel (chain side). I had the guy redo the rear and now it's perfect. I have'nt had him do the front yet, but I'm hoping it will center the rim between the forks. Not sure, but maybe the Sun rims you have need to be set-up similarly.

you can make the adjustment with the spokes. first loosen the spokes on the side you want to move away from 1/4 or 1/2 turn then tighten spokes on opposite side. now rotate wheel some to pick a new starting point and repeat.do not bother to tighten spokes on tightening side too much you will get a feel for witch ones that are already tight. half inch will be not be too hard to get. good luck

I dont think this is the issue (I definitely think it is the rim off center as posted above) but check to see if your forks are aligned.

Did you build your own wheel or have a shop do it?

If the rim centerline is displaced from where it should be the correct fix is to adjust the spokes accordingly. If the hub's in the wrong spot, then you'll have to shim.

I am kind fo new to the XR650R, but I own 2. One was used in Baja1000 and had a new wheel (EXCEL) laced up before the race. The wheel rubbed the forks. The Honda guys looked at it and said that the new lace up did not consider the offset and loosened and tightened spokes according.

BTW. I bought the bike after the race and was not the one racing it. So this was relayed to me by the previous owner.

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