yz400 stator question

Does anyone make a high output stator for the 98 yz400. I have found a 50 watt stator at rmstator.com and thats all. I have looked at ricky stator and baja designs. No luck there.

I dont know if the 426 startor is the same but there is a guy on Ebay selling rewinds with light wiring for about $129

you have link or know the seller id.. Do you know the wattage? Thanks

Has anyone rewound these there self? Is it hard to do?

I have heard its a real pain to rewind stators. I talked to an electrical wiz we use for doing our starters and alts where I work, he said it a hard thing to do and get correct. I guess you have to know how much to wind on and then get everthing to fit back into the bike correctly. Don, the electrical wiz, said it takes a lot of labor time to do.

Thanks for the help. I may call baja designs for a rewind

No problem

Anyone seen a kit for my bike with headlight wireing harness and stator. That would be nice.

Doesn't a WR stator solve your problem? I have a plated YZ400f and it has a WR stator in it.

I think you have to run the heavier WR flywheel with that stator though.

I have a Moose Stator on my 98YZ and it seems to be working great. Baja Designs may do a complete kit.

Someone told me a wr stator would not fit. Does anyone know what the wattage on the wr is. I was going to get a fww anyways. I would like to run a 55w bulb.

I have a 99 YZ400F, and it has a WR flywheel/stator. I don't know the exact output, but I am running a headlight/taillight/blinkers/Horn. I didn't do the conversion, so I don't know what all was involved, but the previous owner swapped the two back and forth depending on what type of riding/racing he was doing. He claims that the WR setup gets significantly better gas mileage as well. I don't know what the stock YZ mileage was, but I seem to get close to 40 miles per gallon with the Street setup.

Could someone tell me how to wire it if I were to get the wr flywheel and stator.

I would also have to get a voltage regulator and I like the UFO lights. I guess I would also get an on off high low switch. Anyone have a diagram or know the wire color codes.

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