How to make XR600 street legal

With the price of fuel I am wanting to make my 1995 XR600 a dual sport. What kind of lighting kit do I need and how much should I expect to spend? I live in Washington State and am thinking about making it happen in Idaho where title can be turned into a on off road and then back to Wash.

Thank you

I can't really speak to what kind of lighting kit you might be able to get, but make sure to check your state's requirements before you make the effort. I don't know a thing about Washington, and very little about Idaho, but some states (Arizona for example), don't even require a lighting kit. My '97 is legal with a headlight, tail/brake light, mirror, and a horn. Of course, every state is different, and even if you don't need 'em, you may want a full dual sport kit for safety reasons.

Does your state require turn signals? If not you're looking at a huge difference in price, If you don't mind using arm signals. Other than the turn signals, the rest is really easy and rather cheap.

I bought a kit at Procycle, but they also sell the parts that you need piece by piece so you can just get what you want and the price is as good as it gets.

I am in the middle of the conversion on my XR650R and it's pretty easy, just a little bit of fabrication.

A kit is between $250.00 and about $$500.00.As AEmedic said,procycle has the best prices.Or you can fab everything yourself,it does take alot more time and it's best to be mechanically inclined,and have the tools to do the work.The kits come with instructions,and I would think it would be real easy.

I have heard that BajaDesigns kits are the best quality,that means more expensive.

I have had three XRs with Baja Designs kits, they are 1st class quality. I have also kitted two XRs with the Procycle components, no problems and less expensive.

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