Best grips for large hands

Looking for good grips for my 426, I ride a lot of trails and have pretty big hands so most grips are too small and tend to be not so comfy. I had a set on another bike a while ago they were just called desert grips, they were no namers and I cant find them any more. Any suggestions ?

Spider Grips. You will love them.

I've been running the new Pro Taper Pillow Top grips and like them. They feel bigger than most other grips I've used in the past. Durable, too.

Are you talking about the MX1 spider grips? I saw some on Ebay for $15.95. They look pretty good, I might give those a shot. I also looked at the Pro Tapers, they look good as well but I cant find them on Ebay right now. I lik he Ebay thing becouse you get a little added security with online buys along with using PayPal. Thanks for the input.

Oops I just found them on Ebay, the pro tapers I mean

Pro Grip Dual Sport grips have a very large diameter. :thumbsup:

If you want big grips go with a full waffle. I went with a half waffle renthal and they feel good to me.

I ordered some Pro Taper pillow tops, I'll see how they work and post my findings. Thanks again for all the input

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