Just bought a nice used '99 650L...

and I'm LOVIN it! Found it here in the classifieds, picked it up Friday. Man...what a blast to ride! The smog stuff is removed already, and the previous owner did some carb adjusting already. It has 8500 miles and runs great. He took off the air scoops, but provided them with the bike. I was at my local dealer and ordered the hardware to re-mount them - they direct air onto the air-cooled engine...seems like a good idea to re-mount them. A question - if I grind off the welds so I can take out the end cap of the stock exhaust, will I find a screen inside (like on my kid's CRF50 and CRF80) that might benefit from cleaning the carbon off?

I'm really sorry to ask about this, but I keep seeing everyone here talk about Dave's mods. I spent a while looking around for this article (I assume that's what it is) but I'm stumped as to where the info is. Would anybody mind providing me with some info so I can check it out please?? THANKS in advance - I looked around before asking this question, just fyi. Again...thanks!

Thanks Ripper! Guess what I'm gonna be doing today...lol.

Glad to hear you are another 650L owner :thumbsup:

In instructions in the service manual regarding cleaning the carbon build-up out of the muffler are probably all you will need to do.

You take out the little access plates off of the bottom of the muffler. With the bike running, and those ports open, tap on the muffler with something. It does not specify.

When I removed the welds, and yanked that baffle out, I was still not able to remove the screen, but I didn't need to anyway. It showed no signs of blockage anywhere.

I imagine that if your 650L is not running rich, it will never have an issue with carbon build-up.

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