Dumb carb questions xr650r

Ive got an xr650r with a stock carb on it that I just bought yesterday. I took the carb apart today to get the jetting numbers. I didnt pay perfect attention so Ive got a few questions since the bike wont start now. Using the throttle stop control valve, how far up sould the slide be at idle? Also I am not certain I installed the needle jer correctly, it has a hole going through the middle, one hole is bigger on one end than the other. I installed is so that the bigger of the two holes went on the needle first, would that be correct?

Off of memory,i'm think'n 1-2 mm for the slide clearance.As for the needle jet there is only one way it will go in.A pin at the bottom of the carb lines up with a slot on the jet.Pull the plug on the carb and see how much fuel flow you get.A slight possiblity that the splash cover on the main jet might be on wrong and hitting the float??

I just went through mine last night, I'm pretty sure that the bigger hole goes on first but I am 'sure' that the slightly longer end goes on first. The length is barely perceptible but one is longer...

Cool guys thanks.

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