Need a rear hub for 650R

Just wondering if anyone has a rear hub for a 650R they would sell. I broke one of the "ears" off where you

mount the rear sprocket. I'll post on the parts forum as well. DrDirt

You may be in luck. Check this guy out on the yahoo 650R site.

650R Hub for sale

Hey Doc Dirt,

Did you ever go riding in NM a few weeks back? SlowPoke and I thought about it for awhile but the forecast for the weekend was dog $hit everywhere in the SW.


Yes we did go ride in Farmington. Day one: dream conditions, semi-moist soil, no dust. Day two: a.m.-more dream conditions. Started raining as we were coming in for a late lunch. Rained for about 1 hour solid. We went out for about an hour after the rain stopped, but got poured on. Day three: a little wet in places but overall real nice. We will probably go again in April. Wish you could have made it.

Later, DrD

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