Acerbis tank

I see that Acerbis is coming out with a 3.3 tank for the '07-'08s May 1. It doesn't look like it will need yz shrouds. Anybody had good/bad luck with Acerbis tanks?

I'm also wondering if IMS will follow suit and make a tank that works with the wr shrouds.

I spoke to "Jimmy" at Acerbis this past week regarding availability of the 3.3 gallon tank. He said he expected blue tanks next week and natural color in 2 months. The acerbis 3.3 gallon tanks are the best in my opinion. I had a blue tank on my 2003 and currently have a blue tank on my 2006. The fit is perfect, great ergonomics and the price is right. The 2006 YZ and WR share the same air scoop, so that was not a problem. I don't know about the aluminum frame Yamahas, but the part numbers differ between the YZ and WR--- not a good sign of interchangeability. In prior years, Acerbis manufactured the larger GYT-R tank for Yamaha and they were absolutely identical, except the GYT-R was considerably more money than the Acerbis tank.

Do the Acerbis tanks have built in radiator shrouds?

I think they're already out, there are quite a few for sale on eBay. I've got one about to be delivered. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post a link here so I won't.

I see they're advertising them for $245 for the blue 3.3 gallon tank. It looks like the shrouds are replaced by the tank.

I just got my natural IMS for my 07, and it required YZ shrouds.

Looks good.


I found a web sight advertising the acerbis for $199 + $19 for 07-08 they look like they don't need shrouds but my concern is that the built in shrouds look like they hold fuel. The problem with that is I have been in a couple of crashes that ripped my one of my shrouds right off. That could be a problem if they hold fuel. As far as the acerbis link mentioned earlier in the post. I did a search for a 2007 wr450 and a picture of a tank ( without shrouds) pops up but if you look close it states "no matches found" next to the picture. I hope someone gets one soon and posts a review.

When you get to the web sight search in dirt bike tanks and then yamaha.





Thanks for clearing this up, no shrouds required like the KTM oversized tanks. The Acerbis website needs a little work, just like the written instructions that come with their products.

Cool looking tank. what did you use for a petcock? How does the tank feel as far as width and center of gravity?

I've had the new Acerbis 3.3 tank on my 2008 wr450 for a few months, the fuel wings offer some protection for the radiators. Great tank

No over heatering of coolant and NO dangerous fuel boiling, I've work it hard, with no heating problems or fuel boiling.

My other brand of tank on my 2006 wr450 was to close to the back side of the radiator restricting air flow and the tank shrouded the engine, trapping the heat and boiling the fuel. If you have a one way check valve in the vent hose the pressure builds in the tank, if you remove the gas cap fuel will blow out like an over heated radiator (dangerous)

have a great ride

Anybody have a US price yet? The Acerbis site says "No matches found" for the 07 450.

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