Scott's Damper Bulk Buy?

Hey Boy's and Girl's,

It's been awhile since we tried to get a bulk buy fiasco going. With all the recent post re: Scott's it's obvious there is alot of interest in purchasing Scott's Damper's , but cost is huge!.. Now who do we get to lead us on this new adventure?..Hmmmm, I know!.. Bman!.. I volenteer the Bman.. He is a die hard advocate of Scott's product's. And he know's 1st hand :) of the quality and dedication Scott's has to rider's of all type's of sports, street, dirt, ect, ect,.. All those that second this nomination (and want to purchase) Please cast your vote.. Hopefully the Bman will step up to ths noble cause.. Yes, there is some self serving motivation to this cause, I too want a Scott's damper!! :D


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Great idea!

If I can get a scotts damper kit for cheaper, I'm in. I second that nomination!

ill arrange it

ive just spoken to scott and the result is,,,

send me $200 cash to a PO Box here in the UK

and i absolutly promise [onestly] to send u a scotts damper by return,,, no no onestly,,,u can trust me


Nice try buddy, next you will try to sell us yanks an old bridge or somthing!... Oh yeah! you already did :) The London bridge wasn't it!!

i might be interested depends on $

Nice try Socal. If you had a Scotts damper maybe you wouldn't have had to stick your foot down into that hole that screwed up your ankle. Riding other bikes without a damper really opened my eyes as to how good these things really are. I would have joined Socals trip to the doctor if not for my steering damper. The high speed setting on the Scotts saved my a$$ again. Hit a huge rock going way to fast. Thinking the bars were going to ripped out of my hands and already looking for the least rocky place to slam my body into the ground. A really amazing thing happened! Nothing, just a thud of the front forks but no shooting off the trail into rock hell. This all took place in a split second. We all know when we are about to crash. I would like to think it was my cat like reflexes that saved me but the truth be told it that damper doing its job. Sorry but the group purchase thing didn't go over well at Scotts. I tried for you guys, sorry. They did say that there is a new Scotts banner on TT somewhere.

It kind of fries my a$$ that Scotts is interested in talking about their product here, even including a banner but won't do ANYTHING price wise for TT members.


Originally posted by Private Joker:

It kind of fries my a$$ that Scotts is interested in talking about their product here, even including a banner but won't do ANYTHING price wise for TT members.


Its the banners that pay for this site. If it wasn't for the banner ads we might not have a great place like Thumper Talk. A big thank you to Dr.D,Scotts Performance and others. You are the first place I look to buy anything.

There are lot's of deals to be had out there. You just have to find a dealer willing to work with you, even with Scotts equipment. Scotts won't undercut their distributor's and dealers, and thats excactly how it should be.

Sorry, I can't plaster my dealers name all over TT, But he lurks here from time to time and I'll speak with him about it this weekend.

Bonzai :)

im sure there are reasons they wont give deal on bulk buy.i doubt its because of greed.scott's is one of the only aftermarket parts and accessories dealers with a website that allow other dealers to post a url link to there websites.

Too Bad it didn't work out. But it was kinda fun setting-up the Bman :D

As others have mentioned, it is only fair business practice that he doesn't undercut his dist. BUT, Maybe a wholesaler or dealer would like ALL the EXPOSURE he would get here on TT and of course all the people that pass that EXPOSURE word of mouth. Seems like it might be a good business decision to me! Generous? try getting a free fender sticker :) HA!


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Hey guys, don't forget that GPR gives a discount to TT members if you mention it. It is not a huge discount, but at least it is something.

IMHO GPR is also more responsive to their customers.

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