1/2 off topic... CO snow...

For those of you that may be wondering what the drought is doing to the Colorado high country, wonder no more...

The mtns are getting hammered with snow and it is deep up there. Went to Keystone Sunday and it was all I could do to keep my board from sinking in the powder, once you go down you need a rope to get out of it-of course the lift lined ensured I only made three runs...

If you're from out of state, get out here and check it out, spend your money, and have fun (just don't stay too long or decide to move here)... :)

Has anyone ridden Rampart area this last weekend? Is there any snow up there? Still rideable?


I'm not giving in to these thoughts of trickery...you on a board in powder...oh stop it!! jk--glad to see you're getting out into the wintertime play stuff. Oh-I have access to a condo in Frisco this year, so I'll be spending some days at Copper...we'll chat.

Rampart--I haven't riden it yet, but I have a new tire that needs to get dirty. The snow, if any, looks managable so I'm up for a ride...but when?? It might be December huh?! Let me know if you have any ideas so I can schedule my Winter Park teaching days.

Take care good man- oh and right on about Veteran's Day, those guys rock, freedom is underappreciated...God bless all who have served, are serving, and will serve to defend and protect freedom.


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