2008 YZ450F Spring Seats?

The only dumb question is the one not asked right??

Anyway I had a new rear spring(Race Tech) installed by a local shop and they did not reinstall the spring seats on the top or bottom of the shock. I reinstalled the shock and went to set the sag and when I turned the shock the top collar/adjuster did not turn and that is when I noticed the spring seats where missing. I guess my question before I call the shop on Tuesday is there any reason why not to reinstall the spring seats because I can not see a way to easily adjust the sag without them?


I can't think of one. The 3 bikes I've installed springs on were all Race Tech springs, and the seats went right into place.

thanks that is kind of what I thought. I just wanted some confirmation before heading back to the shop and making sure that there was not some reason to not install the seats...we already had one disagreement.

Without the seats you can not easily adjust the sag right? Other then using a hammer and punch and slowing turning the adjuster collar one cog at a time.

Haven't tried it without the seats, but it seems like that would be the result.

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