Need some help with a kick stand... take a look at the pics

I bought a 2001 wr426... it came with this kick stand but the guy i bought it from said something broke off and obviously needs a new spring... can any one tell me where i can get a spring for this thing and if anything is broken off of it? Maybe measurements for a new spring if i can just pick one up at a hardware store or something... i am trying to avoid having to spend 100 bucks on a new one... any help is greatly appreciated!! if any other pics will help just let me know... thanks for looking






The post on the bracket used to have a head on it like the one on the kickstand. That's what retains the spring. I got rid of my stocker long ago for a Pro Moto Billet model so I can't measure the spring for you. What you could do is either have a weld shop build up a head on the top of that post, or cut the post off, drill and tap a hole there, and then thread a bolt ito it to hold the spring. Then go to the local hardware store and find a really freakin stout spring to hold the kickstand up.

Or you could order the following parts from your dealer or the TT store...

bracket, side stand 5GS-21458-50-00 $43.49

spring, tension 90506-35473-00 (no price listed)

link, kick stand 5GS-27315-50-00 $2.60

Or, by the time you spent 55-560 bucks on OEM, you could spend a bit more on a trail tech unit that folds up out of the way better

Or, watch e-bay...

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