Oil leak question - Right side Engine cylinder

I have an 06 and today was the first ride of the year. The bike ran great but at the end of the day I noticed what looked like some oil leakage (not much) that came out of the small hole on the right side of the engine mid-way on the cylinder. Any ideas on why this did it -my only guess is it is some kind of over-flow ? I know some times their is some coolant leakage when the bike first starts up after the winter


I assume you are talking about the hole in the head seen in this picture between the tip of the kick starter and the "bomb" in the header:


This is a drain hole for the top of your sparkplug. If any water gets in under the sparkplug cap while you are washing the bike it will run out of this hole. Sometimes this will get plugged up and a little water will stay in there until the bike starts and then the vibration will clear the hole. Odds are the liquid coming out was just rusty/dirty water that was trapped.

If it is oil, you want to check that your spark plug is tight. It's also possible that the cam box cover gasket is leaking. If you've had it off, it may be mis-positioned. If it's water, you need to ease up on the pressure washer, or push your coil all the way down on the plug.

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