Subframe for rear fender on XR650R appears to be bent

Hi There,

I purchased a 2000 XR650R 6 months ago and noticed that the rear fender was tweaked to one side, as if the subframe was bent. The XR650R FAQ makes mention of this, and states it can be fixed with a 5 ft crowbar. Is there a recommended technique?


I think they come bent from the factory, i used a big pipe, but its still not quite right.

Good Luck

You have to jump it and crash land just right with the rear left side of the bike landing first to get it straight. Of course, you will need a new fender after you complete this process.

It's kinda a 650r thing,As you look at it from the rear it's a little to the left.Yes?And the tire has made some black marks above the pipe on the fender,Yes? Now for the fix.. loosen the three mount points and the silencer then push it to the right and tighten down.I will most likely do it again but it's good for now.Really..

I call it "personality" of a bike.

I've loosened my sub frame and tried the pry bar method no avail.... just learned to live with it. I believe someone called it "Side Mileage" So that's what I call it!!!

It'll just creep back to looking bent in a few rides. When the center of the fender is over the side of the tire, then it's bent.

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