14/53 gearing (Yamakaze)

WHat size chain did you have to go to to accomodate the larger sprocket?

for 14/52 i had to use 116. So i would think 116 or 118. But i am sure bill lnows for sure. And bill what brand of rear sprocket comes in a 53?

I run a DID 520ERV 116 links, No cutting needed with 13/53 or 14/53.

Renthal has a Great Aluminum 53 Tooth Sproket for the WR/YZ (1 year, hardly any wear, I'll get 2 seasons out of this one.)

Bonzai :)

[ May 02, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Bill who?? I'm running the 14/52 with the 120 link chain. I like this combo because the rear wheel is as far forward possible :)


Hey Bill,

Did you get my e-mail today ref Klotz ?

Bonzai :)

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