Will a WR kickstand fit my 07 YZ?

Hi All,

Will a WR kickstand of comparable years fit my 07 YZ?



Yes - we did it with 07 WR-YZ and we did it this year on 08 YZ. Expensive, though :thumbsup:

Thanks. What constitutes expensive?

The stand leg and the footrest bracket are each about $110 or so. There are 7 or 8 pieces of misc. hardware that go with it, which probably come out to less than another $20.

IMO the PMB kickstand is far superior (for $150 http://www.promotobillet.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/25_76/products_id/173 )...It's light, it's made well, easy to install, tucks partially behind the number plate when up (many people don't realize it's even a kick stand there), and has yet to come down on me (and I've bottomed out and bounced casing a few doubles, landed hard on flats, and even cartwheeled the bike on a boulder at decent speed in Gorman(once again, NEVER keep your eye on something you want to avoid!)...still never came down...


Thanks for the replies. I get sick and tired of being out in the desert and having to find a tree or rock or do a burnout to dig a hole for the back tire. I think I'll end up with the pro moto unit.


yeah - for me the WR stand cost close to $300 so I ordered a PMB as everyone in previous threads on the subject praised it.

Yeah, it come's in handy every ride...Especially if you have kids and need to be able to hop off the bike at any given moment to help out (with stalls or falls)...Or if you don't have kids, it's perfect for anywhere beer breaks! Oh, ummm, I mean, for when you need to rehydrate! yeah that's it...

Even in sand, I just toss my glove under it, and it still works...

anyone mount a switch to the pro moto one? just wondering as im getting ready to set up my new yz for sumo with a plate. my state requires a sidestand switch :thumbsup: which after inspection will be bypassed, just want inspection to go smoothly.


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